Beautiful Dinnerware Makes for a Beautiful Meal

As a homemaker and a food blogger, I periodically buy china just to mix up our family’s table setting from time to time. I also use these versatile pieces to create lovely plating set ups for my food photography, like whenever I cook a special meal for the family.

Most of the time, I just source my dinnerware from the local shops, especially a home store that I frequent in the mall. I do not really buy sets because I find them too much on my budget, so I just mix and match what I have. My husband doesn’t mind anyway, as he is more concerned with what I serve him. The presentation is mostly for me and the kids, who like “lovely” stuff. I don’t really order dinnerware online because they might break with shipping and handling, although I know that they are packed very well.

But when I browsed through the Harris Scarfe dinner set collections, I was tempted. They have different brands of dinnerware that would make any homemaker be tempted. I found lovely floral pieces made by Maxwell & Williams as well as the contemporary designs by Urbane Home that are minimalist but would be really nice for food photography.

 Maxwell & Williams plates
A beautiful Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante Gabrielle Dinnerset. Look at the details on that salad plate!

My, oh my, if only I weren’t so far!

There are a lot of choices on the site and if money weren’t an issue, it would be nice to shop for two to three sets at one time. They would not only accentuate your table set up but they would also be conversational pieces because your friends will surely adore them.

Do check out the site from time to time because they also post promotions so you can get that set that you have been eyeing for at a discounted price. For orders, you can place them online or call Tel. No. 1300 304 505.

Their dinnerware are surely for flaunting either on the table or in the glass case.

contemporary dinnerware
Red plates by Urbane home are lovely for food photography.

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