Beach Time for Mother’s Day

Beach Time for Mother’s Day

Beach TimeWe had an advanced Mother’s Day celebration for my Nanay at the beach. We intended to go somewhere north of Negros, either at La Vista Highland in Don Salvador Benedicto or at the Northland in Manapla. But the rains dampened our plans. It was threatening to pour but it did not really rain so hard so instead we went to the Rojas Beach Resort in Pta. Tay Tay and planned to swim at the Horizon Beach Resort because they have a pool there.

Well in the end, we just ate and ate and talked and talked. LOL Dindin played in the water and on the sand. But we did not let her swim because the rains have brought so much dirt and garbage on the shore. The water looks really icky. Too bad. It was a short summer.

mother's day celebration

9 thoughts on “Beach Time for Mother’s Day

  1. Jenny

    AS in Salvador Benedicto? Ahay i’ve been to that place few times before kasi taga doon ex-bf ko…naku kinabahan ako nong nakita ko word mo na Don Salvador..hahaha

    Anyway, happy mothers day…

    Posted na rin FT ko…ty

  2. tejan

    wow..what a celebration:) beach is really cool in family bonding!

    my family time is up!..see yah!

  3. Willa @ Smart Mommy

    Ang saya naman! Kami dito,we have to wait at least two months before summer kicks off!!!

  4. mommy jes

    beach na nman!!! wow sarap!!! inggit n inggit n tlga ko!! :)) hihihih salamat for joining!! next week ulet! 🙂

  5. Iris by Shengkay

    Hallo mommy!
    nice bonding..complete family with grandparents pa..
    finally added you in my Journal’s blogroll mommy lo..

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  7. Gene

    Waaa! I want to go to the beach! The last I went to the beach it was after a typhoon kaya marumi rin ang beach. 🙁 and it was years ago.

    our family time: shadow play

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