Barney Birthday

Barney Birthday

Yesterday, we attended a Barney birthday party at the Sanctuario de La Salle. It was the birthday of Caleb, the son of Jed and Shiela Martelino.

Dindin was not in a good mood because we just kinda woke her up so she lacked sleep. She did not want to play but just wanted to be carried. But when Barney the mascot started dancing in front, she joined the other kids. As in she left our table at the back and came up front. When Barney left, that was when she cried really hard.

Actually, Dindin does not really know Barney because she is not interested in his videos. That was the first time he was introduced to Barney and she already missed him when he left. haha I wonder, does Dindin really find Barney adorable or it is just that she doesn’t like goodbyes? I tend to think that the latter is a more accurate reason because she cries when people leave and say goodbye. hehe

Anyway, I am already excited for Dindin’s birthday in two weeks! Hmmm 11 days to be exact. I wonder how she is seeing things at her age, but I am sure that it is one giant fantasyspiel! We our theme is butterfly princess and her animal friends. Here is her invitation:

Actually, we really did not plan on the theme, it just sort of happened. The dress is already there courtesy of a friend and well, we just sort of introduced the wings, which was again sponsored by another friend. Then we got some animal toys from the store so we thought of adding animal friends to it. haha

Sigh…how time flies…Indeed! It was just like yesterday when I was writhing in pain but then my bodily aches were wiped away when I first carried Dindin in my arms at the breastfeeding station of the Riverside Medical Center. Dindin is a lovely Chinese baby, so petite and fragile in my arms….my daughter…my very own. Now she is going to be 2 years old and I declare her to be TERRIFIC TWO! In Jesus’ name. We are going to enjoy these years. And all the years to come. 😀

Emote time! hehe Oh well, just allow me. This is my blog, after all! hahaha

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  1. pepay

    ahay…nag hibi si badin… luuy cya… pero cute man iya invitation… 2 yrs na cya… time flies tuud nang..

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