Ballet Recital 2017 of Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance Bacolod

Ballet Recital 2017 of Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance Bacolod

Ballet Recital 2017 of Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance Bacolod

kids ballet school Bacolod

CBC kids during their number.

The school year 2016-2017 has come to an end and this also means that at my daughter’s ballet school, which is the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance, it is also time for their recital to cap a year-long training.

At the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance, it is not yearly that they have a grand recital with a story line, grand costumes, and stage design. They do it every other year because the production is pretty tedious for everyone and well, they also don’t want to burden the parents with too much expense as well.

So this year, it’s not a grand recital, just a simple show to mark the end of the dance year. And since we don’t have special costumes for the young learners, they are going to still wear their pink tights and leotards and tutus which they wear regularly to school. You can just identify them based on their floral head pieces. Shawna is now in Children’s Ballet C class and she has a white flower on her head.

kids ballet school Bacolod

Shawna and her partner during their dance.

The girls look too cute in their pink tutus! I think this may be the last year that they are going to wear pink. I am guessing that next year, it will be time for them to wear black. And also, I need to buy those black leotards because to hide what’s forming on her bosom.So at this point, we enjoy their girly pink frills. 😀

The Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance recital will be held at the St. Scholastica’s Academy Gym, Bacolod City, 6pm, on March 18, 2017.

7 thoughts on “Ballet Recital 2017 of Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance Bacolod

  1. Pink Fridays

    I really admire you Marz on how you are intentionally parenting awesomeness with your daughters. Share me some tips on how to make things work ha when I get there over lunch that you will be cooking for us. Hehehe…

    Thanks for joining Pink Fridays! Dindin looks lovely in her pink tutu! Thay all do!

  2. Jessica

    Awww! They look so graceful and beautiful with their pink tutus. My daughter never had the interest in ballet Sis but only in the band. I bet it is fun to watch these girls performed.

  3. c5

    Ballet is great opportunity for kids to learn so much at a young age, not just art. Congratulations sis! 🙂

  4. Raya

    Oh, I miss my ballet classes when I was about 6! Beautiful captures you have there, Mommy! You must be so proud! Dropping by for Pink Fridays..

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