Bakers and Pizzamaker’s Birthday Party

Bakers and Pizzamaker’s Birthday Party

Last night, we attended friend Isabelle’s 4th birthday party. The theme was bakers and pizzamakers and the kids were allowed to decorate their own cupcakes and put their own pizza toppings! The kids had great fun it and was a brilliant party theme.

Dindin had a great time decorating her cupcakes that it was the only thing that she did that night. haha


She put her own frosting with some help from Mama. But she looks like a pro! haha

PhotobucketBut instead of eating the cupcake, she decorated more cupcakes but did not want to eat them. haha Perhaps she thinks they are now too sweet. She just likes working. hehe

PhotobucketHere’s Dindin with Papa and the birthday girl.

PhotobucketBelow is Dindin in the driveway after the party. We were waiting for Papa to bring the car out in front because it was raining and so I took a photo of Dindin. She was singing Old McDonald had a farm and she looked like farmer here! haha By the way, the apron was the giveaway! Great idea!

8 thoughts on “Bakers and Pizzamaker’s Birthday Party

  1. pepay

    wwwwwwwoww! i soooo love this party! i wish i could get invited to these parties…hehehe…ka creative na gid subong sg mga kids parties nang nu….. nice nice!

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  3. Shengkay

    ..hayyss cute ng little chef..baka nasayangan si Dindin if kainin nya..pinaghirapan nya yun eh..hehehe..
    Visiting from Colorful Weekend.. Here is my
    Color Connection entry…
    Hope you can join my Orange Tuesdays meme this Tuesday sis..Have a nice day!

  4. May

    Wow, that is one colorful weekend! And lots of fun for you and Dindin. It has always been my dream to create parties ~ that’s why I do it for my kids. 😀 😀 And one of the themes in my dreams is always the DIY/ Make your own… like pizza, cake… really brilliant!

    Thank your for playing Colorful Weekend. I hope you can come back next week!

  5. Hazelicious

    Yup! She’s a little baker. Good job! Your week has been colorful and interesting. Visiting you here through Colorful Weekend. Mine is up – My Colorful Weekend.

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