Today is church day. I bathed Dindin and proceeded to dress her up in a floral 1-piece long dress. Then I clipped her hair to one side. Then I said, “Wow, pretty, pretty.” She seemed delighted as she sat up on the bed. Her eyes then glanced towards the cabinet where her little bag was hanging on the handle. She pointed towards it and said, “Bag.”

What???? My baby is asking for her shoulder bag? This was the small ladie’s bag that her Tita Gervie has given her a few cell group meetings ago. So okay, I got it and gave it to her. She toyed with it for a while and when it was time to go, I put on her shoes and placed her on the floor. She then placed the bag on one shoulder and proceed to go around using it. She looked soooo cute that I took pixes using my cellphone camera.

She then borrowed my cellphone and acted as if she was also taking my picture. Then she aimed it at where her Papa was standing, as if to take his picture as well.

Sigh…now we no longer have a baby. It seems we are raising a dalaga already. The problem is, she still throws tantrums especially when she is holding something and I have to get it away from her because of safety reasons. Nevertheless,  my baby wants to become a little lady already.

dindin's bag copy

2 thoughts on “Bag…

  1. Anne Jillian D. Tinasas

    HAAY! manang, kanami gid sang bata niyo ni Ahia ya! truly she is a one big great blessing to all of us. plus gakakalingaw gd kami sa pag ka alam niya! 🙂 kag a little bit inta. :))

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