Bag Fixation

Bag Fixation

Suddenly, Dindin got excited with bags. Her Tita Gervie gave her a nice plaid shoulder bag and she really liked it. I got her to bring it to church and she carried it like a lady. We went on to have dinner at Kristin’s Steakhouse and she continued to bring her bag just like any adult would.

Now, what were the contents of her handbag? A dummy Sony Ericsson Walkman phone! haha Of course, all her needs are in her baby bag that her Papa always carries along. Well, it was just fun looking at her carrying her bag like that. Here’s a video of her new fetish. hehe

It is kinda funny when Dindin acts like a little lady. She is so refined and has manners that I sometimes forget that she is barely a toddler. Well, officially, she is already a toddler, but they say that toddlerhood really starts when your child turns 2. But it is quite different with Dindin. So I am just amazed at her development. hehe

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