Bad Experience at Toys R Us Bacolod

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Update: Toys R Us Philippines Main Office acted on my complaint and thus my subsequent post: A Gift Certificate from Toys R Us Bacolod

Yesterday, March 24, 2012, we were at Toys R Us Bacolod because we were excited to buy a kiddie microphone with stand. During the last mall-wide sale this month, we learned that the item cost P1,299 but since it did not have discount at that time, we did not buy it immediately but rather bought other things. But yesterday, we wanted to get it already because we were given P700 worth of gift certificates, so at least, we will only pay a few hundred pesos more for the mic. We were also planning to buy a kitchen set with matching plastic food stuff for my hijada, whose birthday is coming up.

When we got there, hubby went with Dindin to go around the store while I went around to picking the items that we wanted to buy.

While doing some browsing, I happened to pass by the counter so I asked the lady manning the gift wrapping section if I can have my purchases wrapped using my own wrapper. They said yes, as long as it met the minimum purchase requirement. Okay, that’s good.

Finally, we were done and hubby paid for the purchase. When he got to the counter, he learned that the mic with stand actually costs P1,500 and the manager said that they were just not able to update the price tags. So we cancelled the purchase because we thought it was too much.

We just went on with buying the kitchen set (P529.75), pizza set (P100.00), plastic food stuff (P100.00), and several other cheap items for party giveaways (P220).

It was hubby who went to the counter to have the items wrapped. Actually, we were going to give the kitchen set and plastic foods to just one child, but we thought of having them wrapped separately–the kitchen set in one package while the two plastic food sets in another–because they just did not look nice if they were lumped together. I bought four pieces of Strawberry Shortcake wrapping paper from a different store because primarily, that was the theme of the party.

But instead of accommodating my request to have the items wrapped separately, the manager refused because she said that the minimum purchase is P300 for the item to be gift-wrapped. So I told her that they will be using my wrapper and they will just have to wrap it and well, spend for the tape. She said no.

I would not have bothered about it if my only purchase was worth P200. But we paid a total of P949.75 for our entire purchase and if we asked them to wrap all the items in a single box, they would have accommodated because it was worth more than P300. It is just plain crazy that because I opted to have the three items separated into two packages so they would look nicely packed, the manager would no longer entertain the request, even if the three items already cost P729.75. The effort would have been much easier if they separated the packaging that if I had it done in one big package.

So my husband’s bet is that, the manager was pissed that we did not get the microphone. But it was not our fault that we were misled into thinking that the item cost much lower that it actually was.

This post is really not to discredit Toys R Us. It is a favorite hang out of ours ever since I got pregnant with our child. And I couldn’t even keep track of how much we have already spent on that store even before my child was born. Big or small, we just keep on buying things from there for our child, our friend’s children, and for party favors.

But I think that this matter should be looked at by the management. Their staff should be trained about customer relations, especially the matter. While I do not question the minimum purchase requirement in order to avail of free gift wrapping, I do question the manager’s call not to accommodate my second gift. It was already her call–something that should not really reach upper management, but obviously, she was not equipped to handle such situations.

I had work with service companies before and on my end, I made management decisions on situations that I deemed would help the image of the company but would not mean extra cost for my employer. That is customer service–going beyond the call of duty to please customers.

If it was not for the mic that made us go to Robinsons because it was not available at SM, I would have shopped at Toy Kingdom for the gifts because the staff are friendlier and they do not have a minimum purchase requirement for wrapping gifts. And I get bonus points for shopping, too.

I do hope that the Toys R Us Bacolod management will look into this in order to improve their services.

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  1. Sammy says:

    Really awful service. I don’t get why they didn’t honor your request. You even have your own wrapper so it’s just tape and a bit of effort, or customer SERVICE in this case. Good thing we’re loyal to Toy Kingdom because I really love their service. And you’re right, they don’t have minimum purchase requirement just to have the toys wrapped.

    1. mama says:

      yep sis, tape lang talaga. and it’s not like they were busy because we were the only ones at the counter! I do like Toys r Us. there are things there that i don’t find in other stores. but well…

  2. That is really sad Marz. Toy R Us Bacolod was our favorite hang-out too when we were still living there. Sad to think that you ended-up with an unpleasant situation with the store manager. 🙁

    1. mama says:

      Yeah, I believe she’s relatively new e. Coz I haven’t seen her there before.

  3. i must agree, that manager ought to get an orientation seminar, she might learn a thing or two about customer service. +, you are right, it would’ve been easier if you went to toy kingdom, they’d wrap your purchases there with a smile!

    1. mama says:

      Wow, parang you all agree that Toy Kingdom gives better service a 😀

  4. Divine C. says:

    Bad customer service! Pero baka natapat ka lang sa manager na maldita hehehe… Kasi kami, may bad service experience rin sa Toy Kingdom ng SM. Mabuti na lang at mabait ka pa, sis. Kung ako iyan, nang-away na ako hehehe, ipinatawag ko na rin yung pinaka-head na mas mataas sa kanya.

  5. pepay says:

    i hope someone from toys r us can read this… tsktsk…

  6. Shengkay says:

    bad talaga!..sana nga may makabasa nito from Toy r Us..hello hindi naman sila papagurin ng pagra-wrap ano..kulang lang sa seminar siguro yung manager na yun.

  7. teJan says:

    i can relate the feelings of inis! hehe. hope you’re okay now! 🙂

    1. mama says:

      oh yeah am okay. i just wanna bring this up to the attention of the management so that they could look into this, especially like it seems that another friend of mine did not have a good experience with the same manager.

  8. Stef dela Cruz says:

    You are right when you said it was the manager’s call. It doesn’t matter what the “rules” are; it wouldn’t really cost them extra to just accommodate special requests. In fact, it might convert new customers into loyal patrons!

    Sorry to hear about your experience with Toys R’ Us. :/

  9. juanderfulpinoy says:

    I hate to say this but the service really sucks.

  10. I like the way you defined customer service. And sometimes, I feel the same way when the staff wasn’t able to treat me or give me the service I deserved. Hope that they can do something about it.

  11. It seems so silly to me that “rules” can’t be bent when clearly the customer’s satisfaction is at stake. I don’t see the point in keeping the rules if you are going to make a customer unhappy and would probably lose them forever. It just does not make any sense.

    1. mama says:

      and it is not even breaking the rules e. the situation was just presented in another way.

  12. i think i had the same experience at a mall here in our place. My total bill was 2K+ but they cannot wrap one item separately because it’s not 300. what the??? can they not at least consider the total bill that we paid? i guess some stores really have to review their customer service. it’s not just the CS staffs who need to learn about it – but all of their employees.

    1. mama says:

      waaaaa mas malala pala yung sa yo. that’s crazy!

  13. Oh my goodness, talk about poor customer service! The manager was lucky it was you and not me that she dissed like that.

    There are so many things wrong with this incident! but I will only cite 2..

    1. The price tag on the mic should have been honored, it’s not your fault they weren’t able to update it, that has happened to me in Toy Kingdom a few times, the cashier calls the manager to tell her about the wrong price tag but the manager says to honor it, it is after all their fault, not mine. Obviously the manager at Toys R Us did not want to shoulder the expense brought on by her own irresponsibility. She should be more responsible next time to avoid incidents like these!

    2. It’s ridiculous that they did not want to wrap your gifts for you! That right there would have earned them a bitch fit from me! You were right, it was the manager’s call and she obviously chose to say “No” just because she was peeved you didn’t purchase the mic because of the change in price! Shame on her!

    I would have done something to at least get that manager suspended, she needs to learn a lesson on how not to abuse the power of her position, and she seems to not have a clue about what customer service and customer satisfaction is all about. She should find a job that does not involve dealing with people!

    Nakakahigh blood naman to! Super lucky sya at mabait ka!

    1. mama says:

      Ay really sis? The price tag incident has happened to me several times at Toys R Us. They fail to change the prices and would not honor the tag. But for me, that is fine, because they may have to pay the difference. Ang galing pala ng Toy Kingdom! and mind you, it did not happen to me at Toy KIngdom, so that means, they are pretty diligent in checking their prices!

      As for the wrapping…yeah it seems like the logical reason e. Ayaw kong ma high blood kasi, kaya dinaan ko na lang sa sulat!

  14. I think, that store along with other chains they have around the Philippines, must take some sort of ethical training. I have some bad experiences with them as well. It is all about how to talk and accommodate their customers.

    1. mama says:

      ay talaga? tsk tsk. so it seems their bad service is quite known.i will not be surprised if they will not entertain this post.

  15. did you get the full name of the manager? if i were you sis I will email the management, with the link of this post, they should train their managers and staffs very well, customer relation is one the keys for their business to boom, as a customer we have the right to decide on what to buy. if i were there i will take his picture too, hindi ako nagpapalagpas ng mga ganyan klaseng taong makiharap sa customer

    1. mama says:

      hmmm good idea. maybe i should really ask the name. thanks ate joy!

  16. aeirin says:

    tsk! poor customer service! nakakaturn off! Poor customer service leads to loss of customers!

  17. Josie says:

    it seems the problem lies on the manager’s attitude, right she should be sent to another month of customer service seminar, baka feeling nya kc manager na sya kaya pwede sya magtaray taray, which is the contrary coz she’s presenting the name of her company.

    1. mama says:

      siguro di lang talaga xa marunong ng meaning ng “go the extra mile” . ako talaga, basta hindi naman mag spend ng money ang company ko, i will really go the extra mile for service.

  18. aw, di pwede saken yang ganyan basta I know I’m right and not violating any rules or stepping on anyone’s toes. I would have shut the manager up, won’t talk to her/him and just tell them to call whoever is higher than the manager and maybe I can be heard and things may be settled. I too, have worked as a manager and trained customer service assistants for one of the top 10 multinational company in the country. This was just a small fuss that can be resolved and you are correct, by simply extending their services to make their customers happy. bumili ka naman eh and it’s more than the minimum and you even bought the wrapper, so what’s the problem with that?

    1. mama says:

      ay corek! if only i had the guts to do that. ako naman kasi, i would rather write. hence, this post. 😀

  19. Gene says:

    The crazy logic of people. Sigh. I am a generally patient customer, I’ve been in a customer service industry before and I know the feeling kapag nasusungitan ng customers, so as much as possible I try to be super nice to the staff. But when the staff make something illogical or inexcusable, dun talaga nang-iinit ang ulo ko. Mukhang namersonal na ang manager dahil hindi nyo binili yung mahal na toy. In the first place, you shouldn’t be charged extra for that because that is what you saw in the price tag. It is not your fault they didn’t update it.

    Then there is the issue of gift wrapping. I’m pretty sure the price of gift wrapping is already included in their “tubo” but they make it sound like an extra effort in their end. So when the manager didn’t get that sale with the microphone, sa gift wrapping service siya bumawi. That manager needs to be reprimanded and undergo another customer service training.

    1. mama says:

      same here sis, i try to be really nice and friendly. kasi in my point of view naman, these are people din with feelings and who also need to be respected. pero it is just too bad that naging personal na. crazy.

      and they were not even going to spend for my wrapper coz i already bought my own. di naman talaga problem sakin mag wrap, but since i was there, i might as well ask right. ay di talaga daw pwde. haha

  20. It’s their fault that you didn’t buy the microphone with stand. They are misleading customers with their undated prices.

    1. mama says:

      and i just learned that as per DTI regulations, they have to honor whatever is on the price tag. that is consumer protection. ako naman, i dont want an employee paying for that. pero sana naman, they were nicer to me.

      1. You can report the incident to DTI pala. They have to be taught a lesson.

        1. mama says:

          ay oo no? o ngapala. hmmm that gives me an idea.

  21. redamethyst says:

    ganyan talaga ang gift wrapping nila. kahit sa robinson may minimum requirement na mataas tapos if you didn’t reach it, may bayad ang wrapper. unlike sa sm at toy kingdom, kahit 50 lang ang purchase mo free gift wrapping na.

    1. mama says:

      yeah actually i am fine with the minimum. i respect that. if my purchase did not reach the minimum, i buy a wrapper and wrap it myself. or i ask one of our helpers to do it. but what they did not honor is the exact amount of my purchase e. if i bought only P200 worth of items, i would not have insisted. madali akong kausap.

  22. Just reading your article pissed me off…much more if the same thing happens to me. I think the manager doesn’t know the importance of “going the extra mile”. Giving the customers what they want plus a little more is very important for the customers to come back and shop regularly.

    1. mama says:

      exactly sis!

  23. That sucks! they should’ve tell you that the first time you inquired about the giftwrap, and by the way, at Toy’s R Us in US or even in Canada,whatever the price is on the tag, it’s what you gonna pay for,they can’t use that crappy excuse,it’s their stupid staff and manager’s fault why the tag price isn’t updated in a first place.
    Such a disgraced to a great toy company.

    1. mama says:

      oh yeah that’s what i thought. Toys R Us is an international company with international standards. yet, we get crappy service in their Bacolod store.

  24. So sorry to hear about your bad experience. I myself had one with Toys R Us because their staff did not know how to process the BPI cash card my child got as a gift. I ended up waiting for over 30 mins at the cash register while they tried to figure out what to do. I mean, I’ve used BPI cash cards in SM and other establishments trouble-free. How incompetent can they get.

  25. over…ano ba naman yun magwrap lang? wala pang 5 minutes yun sa kanila. obviously, the manager does not know a teeny thing about customer service.

  26. I would have never let that manager get away with the price tag and the wrapping. As a customer, consumer and patron, I would demand to pay for that current price tag on the mic, and hold that manager on her word that gift wrapping was allowed (with the use of your own wrapper) regardless of amount because she never stated that when your first asked her. AND THEN, I would tell her that when somebody asks you next time, make sure to say that each item or group of item to be wrapped has to be a minimum of Php300 if that is really their policy. But of this instance, she must hold true to her word when she said it was possible the first time.

    I love Toys R Us too and I will continue to shop there just because I will NEVER let them get away with their mistakes or negligence. I look forward to the day that I’ll get an untrained staff followed by a supervisor, then a manager, and they’ll see all hell break loose.

    1. mama says:

      oo nga e, actually my brother in law said that we should have insisted on the price. akin naman, ayoko di naman that an employee will pay like that. but sabi nga nya, how would they learned, especially that it happened to me several times na–iba ang price sa tag and sa register nila. sa wrapper naman kasi, ayoko lang ng magkasagutan baka uminit ulo at kung ano-ano masabi ko. but i hope that the management will get to read this and act on it na. wala lang sila reply so far e.

  27. Kailangan mag-undergo ng seminar ang mga ganyan kundi masisira talaga sila sa mga customers. Sa Toy Kingdom kami madalas mas ok ang service nila don.

    1. mama says:

      yeah…very much maganda sa toy kingdom. and i can leave Dindin with the salesgirls coz they entertain her while i shop around the store. 😀

  28. I think the Manager just followed the rules but it would have been better if she gave in to your request and that would have been a great customer service.

    1. mama says:

      yeah, no problem naman ako with the rules e. but the fact is, if i had asked them to wrap the 3 items in one box, it would have been more tedious. kaya ko nga pinaseparate.

  29. waaaaah! nakaka high blood naman talaga yung experience mo with them Mommy… too bad what an awful service they have.

  30. Olga says:

    Just shop at Toy Kingdom or SM Department Store. We do our Christmas shopping there and they’d gladly giftwrap EACH item individually even if the item costs less 50 pesos or less.

  31. c5 @ battlingasthma.info says:

    The only time I go to these stores is when I’m looking for ideas and not actually buy. 😛 Customer service ought to be the priority, though, so there will be a chance they will return for more.

  32. Glady says:

    Girl, whatever is on the price tag is what you should pay for. It’s their fault wala nila gin update. You can insist on it because it’s on the Price Tag Act.

    “The provision on Price Tag, under R.A. 7394, requires that all consumer products sold in retail to the public shall bear an appropriate price tag, label, or marking indicating the price of the article. Such consumer products shall not be sold at a price higher than that stated in the price tag.

  33. jem alvarado says:

    I just happened to read this today and all I can say is that the manager in that branch lack good customer service. They should have consider some things to give you extra customer service mainly because of the wrong price tag. They should have think that majority of their customers are moms which are usually the decision maker when shopping. That means that they should have give an excellent customer service experience so that moms like us will return to their store and refer them to our fellow moms in buying toys for kids.

    (please remove my previous comment)

  34. Edge says:

    Hi! I chanced upon your blog while searching for a kiddi mic toy for my baby. Having had the same nega experience before, i couldnt help but do something about this. Im not sure if anyone else had done this in before because i dint read all the comments (busy busy got lazy ;p)… Anyway, i left a comment and posted the link to your site in toys r us’ official website so that the management can look into all the complaints, nega experiences and reactions here in your blog ;))

    1. mama says:

      thanks much Edge. yeah they already responded. and i already made a separate post. they apologized already and i accepted it. 😀 thanks again! 😀 Here’s the update: The Price Tag Act

  35. Edge says:

    …. Oh and Glady is right! I also had another same experience but in rob grocery. The price of the rice is diff from their POS price… The cashier called the supervisor and upon checking that the shelf price was indeed different, she made me pay for the price i saw (that was lower), apologised for the price tag not being updated and assisted in bagging. Now that is customer service! Kudos to rob bf p’que!

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