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Breastfeeding 101–the first endeavor of the Bacolod Mom and Baby Club at SM City Bacolod. I’m right there with Dindin at the front. Photo from the BMBC fan page.

I was already on my last month of pregnancy when I learned about the Bacolod Mom and Baby Club (BMBC). They were holding a breastfeeding seminar entitled Breastfeeding 101 at SM City Bacolod. It was an RSVP event.

But since I did not know when I was going to give birth, I did not pre-register. A day after I gave birth to our second daughter, I was browsing through her newborn photos at the hospital when I happened upon the BMBC online poster that my hubby saved on the iPad. I thought that I could already make it because my baby would be 2 weeks old already by that time. I signed up and then forgot about it because of the effects of childbirth. Thankfully, they reminded me about the event and I am so happy that I attended.

BMBC logo

You see, BMBC is a new group started by three young mothers, namely Yols Hortillosa, Tyna Quimpo, and Jireh Poquita–all breastfeeding advocates who have breastfed their kids. They come from different backgrounds and have different situations but they have managed to fully breastfeed their kids. You can see the heart of the proponents and I was really encouraged. They were also very warm and accommodating.

The Breastfeeding 101 seminar was their first event here in Bacolod and they brought in no less than certified lactation counselor Abigail Yabut. I learned so much from the event–things that I really needed because producing breast milk did not come naturally to me. And when I was about to give up, I posted about my travails on Facebook and Jireh responded to me, even kept on sending encouraging text messages just so I would go on.

Lactation counselor Abigail Yabut at the Breastfeeding 101 seminar.

Eventually, after much prodding from my husband and mother in law, I decided to buy an electric breast pump. Yols recommended the Spectra 3 Double Electric Breast Pump. She lent me her old pump to try before their new stock (which they are selling at Little Panda Shop) arrived. During the trial period, I really experienced an increase in my breast milk production and I was so happy. When my new pump arrived, Yols and Tyna visited me and even gave me more tips to express more milk. They were genuinely happy that I reached the point of fully breastfeeding my baby.

At the BMBC Facebook fan page, the trio keeps on posting important information about breastfeeding as well as events that they organize. Last month, they also successfully held a Cloth Diapering as well as a Baby Wearing seminar. I love it because I learn new things each time and also get encouraged to keep on breastfeeding my baby. You can also send them private messages for inquiries, to ask for advice, or just share your heart. <3

The group also regularly holds bazaars selling quality baby stuff, especially those pertaining to breastfeeding, baby wearing, and cloth diapering.

BMBC regularly holds bazaars like these. 😀

And the best thing is that they connect mothers with newborns and young kids in the city. There are those who have excess breast milk and who are willing to donate while there are those who do not have much breast milk and yet would like to give some to their babies. This is where BMBC comes in–they facilitate the donation of breast milk. They also facilitate the reselling of second hand stuff pertaining to breastfeeding, like breast pumps.

The ladies behind the Bacolod Mom and Baby Club, from left: Yols, Tyna, and Jireh during the Breastfeeding 101 seminar.

Such a lovely group of people behind the Bacolod Mom and Baby Club. It is my sincere wish that they will not stop their advocacy because I am one of those who are truly grateful for their help and encouragement. Okay, I guess I can say that I am one of their success stories. 😀 From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much Yols, Tyna, and Jireh! More power!

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Bacolod Mom and Baby Club
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  1. Mary Joy says:

    I was born in Silay City. I’m your kababayan. 🙂 . Hope to see your group when I got a chance to visit my hometown soon .

  2. ANA Darato says:

    Join in Enervon promo

  3. Maria May Ochea says:

    Thanks for this! I learned alot about breastfeeding. <3 Magagamit ko 'to in the coming future since my son now is 2 yrs & i feel regret about breastfeeding him in just 4 months only. 🙁

  4. Ann Cagalingan says:

    Nice,good event for a mommies like me..

  5. Sheryl An Mungcal says:

    sana magkaroon din ng ganyang event dito sa pampanga,. sayang lang kasi nahinto sa breastfeeding ang baby dahil sobrang hina ng production ng gatas ko,. kaya tuloy milk formula na lang si baby,.

  6. Ina ako sa tatlong bata,Breastfeed silang lahat hangang mag 2yrs.,and the result is they are all healthy.Dahil the Best talaga ang gatas ng ina.:)

  7. yna yns (@yns023) says:

    Wow what a great advocacy and event, Will be sharing this article to my friends who just recently gave birth. Will be linking BMBC FB and Lovingly Mama FB to them. Thank you for this ^^

  8. MariChuy says:

    Nice! Sana lahat ng mother ay magkaroon ng chance para sa ganitong seminar to learn everything about the benefits and importance about breastfeeding.
    I am proud to say that I did this with my two little angels 🙂

  9. maricris abarabar says:

    maganda ung naisip nila very informative especially sa mga first time mom. until now 2 yrs old na ung baby ko breastfeed pa rin pero may kasamang formula. maraming salamat sa karagdagang kaalaman about breastfeeding this will help a lot.

  10. I breastfed my daughter for four years:) it is so convenient and bonding with your child while breastfeeding is great!

    1. Loving Mama says:

      I have to agree with the bonding. 😀

  11. mary jane hernandez says:

    Very inspiring, I salute you!

  12. arjayssa reyes says:

    nice to know that there are such kind of activities like that.. It’s really helpfule specially for first-time moms. 🙂

  13. laila mercado says:

    hoping that i could be a mom soom

  14. sana minsan sa baguio nmn magkaroon ng ganyang event

  15. Therese Decena says:

    ..glad to know that your from bacolod pala.. my parents are from pulupandan,, 🙂

  16. elinor semira says:

    yes i agree that breastmilk is still the best. i would love to breastfeed when i had ER but i was not able to do it since i had no milk as i had a cyst operation way back in 1998. that must have affected my milk production then.

  17. annabelle mape says:

    very inspiring hope here sa cavite mag karon ng ganyang event.

  18. Polinda Usero says:

    Breastfeeding is really the best, lots of benefits not just for the mom but more importantly is for the baby. Here in Manila marami na rin ganitong program, yun nga lang we need to be aware where and when may ganitong event.

    1. Loving Mama says:

      Yes sis, there are lots more there. These groups were organized in Manila first. 😀

  19. April Rose says:

    wow, this is great.. bad thing i’m too far, I haven’t know this kind of activity here in cebu.

  20. marjorie bisagar says:

    absolutely breastfeeding is the best proven and tested.. im from bacolod too :))

  21. May Ongsioco says:

    great event. very inspiring

  22. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    It’s good to know that there are also breastfeeding support groups in your area. When I was also starting to breastfeed my son, the encouragement and support of breastfeeding friends helped a lot.

  23. jenny esplana says:

    nice event 🙂

  24. Arminda Puno De Leon says:

    Hoping this will happen within our community.

  25. Leizle Demaisip says:

    Great event! really help mom about breastfeeding and its benefits.

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