Baby’s Bedroom

Baby’s Bedroom

Actually this is not a separate bedroom–this is our bedroom that we are trying to transform into a baby-friendly zone. hehe We did not exactly baby-proof our room (like the replacing of locks and handles and the covering of sockets), but what I meant of having a baby friendly room is having decorations that can stimulate a baby’s mind. I have actually added other things and I will just share pictures after I have taken them.

These are the first decorations I did. Below is one wall, and I bought rubber slice (that is what they call the material at the store) and just cut out an outdoor/garden scene., complete with tiny animals.

Then we assigned baby’s cabinet already. And since we don’t have a name yet, we just named it baby.

This room is my hubby’s former room that he shared with his brother, hence the blue motif of the room. Then Dennis went to Cebu to study ECE at the University of San Carlos, so one brother stayed here. He moved back here after passing his ECE licensure exams.

Anyway, we don’t have a budget for repainting the whole room, or even for just the replacement of the wallpaper, so blue it is, whether our baby is a boy or girl.

This is it for now. I will have more photos soon. 🙂

My mother in law actually commented that I put up the decorations a wee bit too early, as my due date is a long way off. But I reasoned that at least now my tummy is still small and I can still handle the drawing and cutting as well as the installation of the cutouts on the high areas of the wall. And I am sooo happy that I finished this. 😀 These colored material is called rubber slice (I am not sure if they are correct in this) that can be bought in most upholstery shops here in Bacolod City. I bought mine at Susing’s Bag Supply.

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