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Our nice baby prizes from Scroll down below for bigger images of the prizes. 😀

Hola Mommies and Daddies!

When I was about to give birth to my second baby, Shane, I discovered an online seller on Facebook that sells baby and kids stuff that are reasonably priced. It is called You can visit her page, The first thing that attracted me was the Lamaze Musical Inchworm. It was priced at P360. But seeing that I could get three toys at P1,000, I ordered two more as well as a headband and bonnet for baby. And I love them all! The order processing and payment system were easy for us and the owner is very understanding that I was not able to immediately make the payment because I was already admitted the following night and subsequently gave birth. But she graciously reserved the items for me. 🙂

She has so many unique stuff–toys, books, accessories, clothes and baby care products–all reasonably priced. I so thank her for the MotherCare Walking Assistant that she gave me. 😀 This will be very useful for Shane when she starts to walk.

Our new MotherCare Walking Assistant for Baby Shane. Thanks to

When I was already able to move around and get some online work done, I asked her if she can sponsor a giveaway here and she readily said yes! And one of the prizes is the Lamaze Musical Inchworm? So would you like this, too, for your baby? Because my baby certainly loves hers! 😀

So what are you waiting for? Here is the Rafflecopter form to get you going for this contest. There are only three mandatory things to do in order to unlock the rest of the tasks for more entries–to like the FB page, the LovinglyMama FB Page and to leave a comment below. All the rest are optional to gain more entries. Some of them can be done once a day. 😀 Join now!

Here are the photos of the prizes up close.

1 Lamaze Musical Inchworm.

Here’s my baby with her Lamaze Musical Inchworm. 😀

1 Lamaze Mittens the Kitten Toy

1 Pair of Mickey Mouse Tennis Shoes (size 20)

1 Hello Kitty Beanie Hat and 1 Baby Headband.

125 thoughts on “ Giveaway

  1. Ellen May Bardinas

    I’d love to win that Lamaze Musical Inch worm for my little princess. She’ll surely love that toy. <3

  2. shandie

    i want to win the Lamaze Musical Inchworm for my nephew so that there will be a like wall on his side and he’ll be safe

  3. Zoan

    I want to WIN the lamaze musical inchworm for my baby girl because it is a great baby product that will enhance her intelligence 😉

  4. lorie

    I love to win Lamaze Musical Inchworm because my son loves to cuddle a pillow before he sleep.

  5. lorie

    i love to win the Lamaze Musical Inchworm because my son loves to cuddle his hotdog pillow before he sleeps. this lamaze musical inchworm looks like a hotdog pillow. much cuter!

  6. Paulline

    I just ordered an item from babycloset and I love how easy and fast the transaction was. I got the FP Soothe and Glow Seahorse for my baby’s 1st month gift. This time, I’d like to win the Lamaze Musical Inchworm for my princess’ 2nd month

  7. cindy

    I wish to win the lamaze musical inchworm for my litttle angel..godbless

  8. may pearl delos reyes

    <3 love to have a lamaze Musical inchworm for my angel on my tummy..
    im a first time mom thats why i want to have this for my angel …
    <3 hoping for this stuff…….

  9. Leny Martinez

    I would like to have a 1 Hello Kitty Beanie Hat and 1 Baby Headband.
    for my baby girl…

  10. Leny Martinez

    i’d like to have a Hello Kitty Beanie and Hat Baby Headband for my little girl.

  11. Sheena Malate

    I like the Lamaze Musical Inchworm or the Lamaze Mittens the Kitten toy! Lamaze provides educational and musical toys that aid in development of a growing baby. How did I know, my child owns a Lamaze play gym! I would like to win this giveaway contest so that my child can have another Lamaze pal to play with. Thanks for this wonderful post! 🙂

  12. Vicenta

    I want to win Lamaze Musical Inchworm. its cute .perfect for my lil boss 🙂

  13. j gentry

    Oh they are all sooo cute! I think my granddaughter would love them all but I think she would really love the Lamaze Musical Inchworm.

  14. cherry tan

    Lamaze mitten kitten toy, so i can give it as a gift to my god child

  15. Mary Joy

    Rooming-in is not bad as long as you have someone who will assist you with the baby…

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