Baby Signing Time

Baby Signing Time

“A, E, 8.”

Whenever these characters are present, Dindin would say them out loud. She must be saying some of the other alphabets already but most of which are still unintelligible.

But I think that one of the things that enhanced her cognitive ability is the Signing Time Videos. We started showing the video to her when she was maybe 8 or 9  months old but she did not show interest. She did not show interest at all to any video, except for the commercials on TV.

She only started watching Signing Time when she was almost a year old. We started her on Baby Signing Time and she learned fast. We were able to communicate to her and now, at 14.5 months old, she already has a wide vocabulary. And she can associate things with signs and even with their pictures. As she gets to learn how to say the word, she would stop signing it.

I would really recommend Signing Time videos for every family. Now, Dindin is watching the Signing Time for bigger kids. These are the only videos that she can finish. After one video, she would look at me and sign “More.”

Do try it on your kids. 😀

We specifically like the Signing Time series by Rachel de Azevedo Coleman. They are very interesting, more interactive, and the songs are great, too. And they teach good values to kids. Others are really boring.

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  1. dreamer

    that’s my Baby! pretty smart…. pretty and smart. love you Baby! Go go go!

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