Baby Hates the Water

Baby Hates the Water

Dindin stayed in the hospital for 7 days since birth before we were able to take her home. She was on antibiotics because my water bag broke during premature contractions.

I don’t know what happened in the 7 days that Dindin was in the hospital, but she seemed to have developed a hatred for water and bathtime. Dennis said that in the nursery, the babies were given quick baths using the tap water faucet. And since the nursery is air-conditioned, I believe the babies get really cold baths. So Dindin probably hated taking a bath because of that. Up until, we have to have the water heated first before wetting even just her legs.

The first time we gave her a bath after we went out of the hospital, she wailed so loudly that her Lola and I were really nervous. See her below. That was her first bath outside the hospital.

dindin bathtime

So anyway, up until now, she hates taking baths. There is no day that she does not scream and squeal when the water is on her, especially on her head. She really hates having a shampoo. But if we don’t give her a shampoo, she will fuss because her scalp gets itchy. haha What an irony!

And she is already a year and almost a month old. We are really looking forward to the day that Dindin will enjoy taking baths! 😀

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