Baby Costumes

Baby Costumes

Well, okay, Dindin is no longer a baby but I still like calling her that. Here are a couple more toddler costumes that she wore recently. We are really fond of role playing. We do not do this everyday, just when there is an opportune time–which actually means, when I have time! lol

Our friend Daphne has a membership at Play Studio and so she invited Dindin and our friends’ kids David and Eon for a photo session. Dindin was dressed as Baby Bumblebee. No, we did not buy the costume. This is actually her cousin Mei-mei’s swimsuit and swimming cap. We just let her wear black tights to complete the bumblebee ensemble because that would look awkward if she wore a swimsuit with the rest of the kids.

Her princess outfit is actually her birthday dress. That was quite loose on her during her birthday 6 months ago, but it is already a good fit now. She wore the tiara and use the scepter that her Tita Pepay had given her the last time Pepay was here in Bacolod (I think that was in May).

baby princes

So that’s it, we just make do of what we have around us and mix and match. hehe

2 thoughts on “Baby Costumes

  1. pepay

    hands down for the bumble bee costume!! din2 looks pretty in yellow… 😀 gina suksuk niya na ang tiara niya…hehehe… pink and yellow! nice 😀

  2. admin Post author

    pay gina wear nya ang tiara and plays with the scepter from time to time. indi lang galing dungan, pero diri lang sa house. amo lang na that she wore it outside the house with complete nice dress. haha

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