Baby Bedding: Purple May Be the New Pink

Baby Bedding: Purple May Be the New Pink

When it comes to selecting colors for your baby’s nursery, traditional wisdom has often got us stuck with blue for boys, pink for girls, and green or yellow if you don’t know your baby’s gender just yet. While those colors still abound among nursery furniture, bedding, and wall paint choices, other colors are starting to make inroads in the traditional nursery palette.

Look at this purple bedding set with animal designs. It is great if you have either a boy or a girl. Photo from

One such color is purple, which is sometimes replacing, or at least complementing, pink accessories in a baby girl nursery. Purple, of course, has an advantage, since it could work equally well for a boy or a girl. It can complement both blue or pink, and it comes in delightful shades from deep plum to light lilac.

If you click here, you’ll discover a lovely 5-piece bedding set for a nursery, designed in gorgeous shades of purple with some touches of rose and misty blue to set it off. While many baby bedding pieces can be purchased separately, the advantage of purchasing a package is that you get all your separates such as quilt, sheet, valance and diaper stacker in coordinating designs and colors. And yes, you get to save some bucks, too, as opposed to buying things individually. You get to save a few bucks per item and when you total them, you get a big discount.

Here is another purple bedding ensemble of butterflies! Photo from

But, if a coordinated set feels a little too complex for your nursery or your wallet, you can always add bright touches of wall art to a neutral colored room. Here again, purple can add some sparkle, whether you’re choosing a clock, frames for pictures, or felt wall art.

There are so many purple touches that you can add to your child’s nursery. Don’t you worry, it is a very happy and attractive color that your children will also appreciate.

Sorry, but I just can’t help posting. Here are a couple of bedding ensembles featuring blue and pink.

Blue nautical ensemble. Photo from

Cutie pink!!!!

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