Attempting to Read

Lately, Dindin has found that there are other reading materials aside from books. Last weekend, we were at Robinsons to have our grocery. Her Papa claimed the raffle coupon with our purchase. Since there were fliers at the customer service counter, she was given one in order to keep her busy. She was pretending to read it aloud. I could not really understand everything that she is saying, but I would sometimes hear her say, “S” “A” “Eeee” “Ech for H” and etc etc. I think for now, she is trying to read the letters, not exactly the words. Then when I asked her what was she reading about, she replied, “Yummy”. And true enough, there were pictures of food on the flier.

Aside from fliers, she now reads labels and boxes of products. She looks like she does really understand what she is reading.

She also does that at the store where there is a tarpaulin sign about our services. She would point to the letters and read them aloud. Sometimes though, we just cannot understand what she is talking about because she talks really fast.

But she already has quite an extensive vocabulary. Aside from the words that she can sign, she has already spoken new words. Like in one occasion, she was playing with her Papa when she said, “Tam, tam” or something like that. Dennis could not get it. Then she got her Papa’s hand and signed “Jump, jump”. I think that we cannot just understand what she is trying to say, but she is really bent on talking. I will not be surprised that in a month or so, she will already talk to us in straight sentences.

By this time, she can already recite some numbers, like six, seven, eight, nine, ten in the correct order.

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