We were driving today going to Capitolville to deliver the birthday miswa for Papa’s sister (it’s Papa’s birthday today) and we happened to pass by Terra Dolce, the new building a few blocks away from ours.

When Dindin saw it, she said appreciation in her voice, “Ohhh…it’s a house!” hehe She thought the building was a house and also that it was a nice house. haha


While we were still in the car, Dindin started playing with her pusod. I tickled her but instead of laughing, she said. “No! No!” like a very strict teacher. Gee…But I guess I have to respect that. I just thought that she will also obey when we tell her no if we do as she says as well. I guess that is modeling for a child.

One thought on “Appreciation

  1. Dennis

    she does obey almost all the time, doesn’t she? like “no touching. just look.”

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