Another Privilege

Another Privilege

I got off from chatting with a friend on Facebook because I was going to sew Dindin’s pajamas. She got this Strawberry Shorts pajama set from her aunt last March.

While she can already wear the shirt, the pajama bottom was still quite long for her legs. So I have sewn the bottom part with basting stitch so that it is just temporary.

While sewing, I just thought it another privilege to do so.

Being a mom has its man privileges. I get to wash my daughter’s bum after pooping. Or I get to insert my finger in the hole if she gets too constipated or maybe insert a suppository.

I get to wipe her snotty nose. I get to feed her. I get to wake up very early in the morning to make her bottle…

These are just but few of the many privileges of being a mom. While some may say that they can live without them, but these are also experiences in themselves.

While these may seem mundane, I also get to caress my daughter’s face, or kiss her endlessly. I can carry her around the mall or merely run after her. I can read with her, sing with her, clap with her, wear funny hats with her–simply put I can just be with her.

I can also scold her when I need to discipline her. I can talk to her when she needs molding.

These are not things that we can do everyday for forever. This is just but a stage in my and my daughter’s lives.

I consider it a privilege. And I pray that many moms out there will do the same. 😀

God bless us mommies!

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