Another Laughing Moment

Another Laughing Moment

We are not really sure what makes Dindin laugh like this, but when we do something that gets her going, we just continue it because her laugh is therapeutic to us.

This noisy ball was given to her by her pediatrician last Saturday when she had her Hexavac booster shot. It has been quite some time, I think four months to be exact, that we have seen her doctor, so the place must have felt new to her. She cried when the doctor put the thermometer in her ear. She cried with the stethoscope was placed on her chest. She cried when she was weighed and of course, you can just imagine her crying when she was already held tight for the shot.

So in the end, she as given a ball and two buttons. hehe Anyway, here is her laughing video.

Her next scheduled immunization is on April 2011 for her Hepatitis A booster shot. The typhoid will also follow supposedly in March, but we will have to see if we have the budget for it. So our priority is the Hepa A booster.

Hexavac Booster – P3,500
Hepa A Booster – P1,500
Typhoid Vaccine – P1,700

2 thoughts on “Another Laughing Moment

  1. pepay

    kamahal gle sg mga immunization nang nu… abi ko ya gani libre lang mga amu na..hehe…

  2. admin Post author

    oo pay hehe. actually may free sa center, pero wala sang mga naka bundle, like hexavac na 6 in 1. so every month halos, ma go ka sa center for the vaccine. gina think ko gani ang typhoid ni dindin sa center na lang kung may ara, but since last time grabe palak ya, daw kulbaan ko.

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