Animal Sounds on Video

Animal Sounds on Video

Dindin has been learning so many things and doing so many things that honestly, I find it quite hard to keep up with recording them. Like here is one conversation that we had in the shower while giving her a bath:

Mama: Din, don’t play with that bubbles. That’s dirty. I will just make you “nami” (nice) bubbles.
Dindin: Hmmm…nami…yey…yummy bubbles!
Mama: No, no, not yummy bubbles. Just nice bubbles because you can’t eat them.
Dindin: No, yummy bubbles. Yum!


And here’s another conversation while we were in bed:Uh
Dindin: Where’s Everyday? Everyday, where are you?
Mama: Uhmmm….Din today is everyday. I mean everyday is today happening…uhmm…


Anyway, here is a video that I unearthed among my files. This is quite long overdue because she has been doing this for a long time but we just had no chance of capturing these moments on video. It was her Papa who took this video but I didn’t know about this until I was checking old files. Enjoy her cute smile! 😀

By the way, last time, I was asleep and woke up to Dindin fiddling with the single pimple on my face. hahaha She must have found the little red bump interesting. She must have been studying my face while I was sleeping. Thankfully, I only have occasional breakouts on the face now and none on my back. But if there is anyone of you with this condition, you could check out the information contained in

One thought on “Animal Sounds on Video

  1. pepay

    ahay..lingaw ku…monkey saja..haha… ang frog niya kokak..haha…tpus ga little giggle cya after…hihi…cute…. nag tambuk cya nang nu…nami kay daw na unudan gd cya…

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