Animal Parade Vitamins

Animal Parade Vitamins

A parade of Animal Parade Vitamin supplements for kids.

Every parent wants their beloved child or children to stay strong and resilient to disease. In order for a child to remain healthy, it is critical that he or she should have a daily intake of the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body to fight against common illnesses.

While this can easily be managed by giving kids a good nutritional supplement, unfortunately, many children are unknowingly suffering from one or several vitamin deficiencies. Here are some of the common signs of vitamin deficiency in children.

Vitamin C Deficiency
A child that bruises very easily could be deficient in vitamin C. Some of the other common signs of Vitamin C deficiency in a child include having dry skin, poor appetite, and the inability to fight off the common cold.

Vitamin D Deficiency
The most effective way for a child to obtain vitamin D is by sun exposure. Although a few food sources contain vitamin D, they usually do not contain abundant amounts of the nutrient. Some of the tell-tale signs of vitamin D deficiency include the slow development of teeth, muscle cramps, and poor overall growth. A low level of energy can also be attributed to a lack of vitamin D. So it is best to expose children to a healthy dose of sunlight every day.

Vitamin A Deficiency
An adequate amount of Vitamin A is very important for a child’s vision. Scaling on the skin and dry eyes are two of the prominent signs of vitamin A deficiency. Eating carrots and yams is a great way to boost vitamin A levels.

Vitamin B Deficiency
Often times, a child who is experiencing learning difficulties may actually be dealing with a vitamin B deficiency. Animal Parade vitamins contain the required intake of each B vitamin.

There are many kinds of vitamin supplements today that are available in the market. Not everyone will have the same effect on your child because each one has different components. Do try several brands in order to find out what works best with your child. In our case, I am rotating my daughter’s vitamins to see which one works best. 😀

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