And the Laptop, too

And the Laptop, too

When Dindin was around 6 months old, Dennis and I left her one time in the care of my mother and father. We went somewhere and could not bring Dindin with us. If we can, the three of us are always together, whether going to the grocery or doing errands or doing business.

Anyway, Dindin is so used to seeing me using my laptop here in the bedroom. But since I wasn’t around, the laptop was shut down. While her Lola was carrying her, Dindin asked Lola to open the laptop in her own rather garbled words. But Lola said that she doesn’t know how (which is true). Dindin leaned towards the laptop and showed Lola how to open it. Then she pointed towards the mouse and asked Lola to move it. As in! Lola was truly amazed. So Dindin must have observed me while I use the computer. lol

Last Christmas, her Koko gave her an educational toy with some piano keys. Dindin doesn’t know how to use it. But she saw me using it so in order to play the music, she would get my finger and use it to press on the keys. One time, I saw her play with the piano and know what she did? She typed on the like she was using a laptop. hahaha

Now, Dindin can already walk. And when she is on the floor, she would go to her father’s laptop when it is on. Then she would tinker on it. See the photos below.

dindin laptop

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