An Experiment on Vitamin Supplement for Kids

Dindin with her lot of vitamin supplement for children from Unilab.

At home, mealtimes with Dindin can be very stressful because she eats very little. And this applies to all kinds of food–healthy, sweets, or junk. It seems she has a very little stomach and after she has finished a meal, it takes very little for her to throw up everything that she has eaten in a matter of 5 seconds. It is really frustrating.

Additionally, she is also very energetic. She likes active play and it seems, she could not settle for a few minutes on her seat. She is not hyperactive, she just likes fiddling with things. Her mind seems to be working on a very fast pace and her body wants to follow suit.

To top it all, her toddler years weren’t easy because she got sick with cough and colds almost every time. It was like she would only be well for a week or two and then she would get sick again. And because of the amounts of phlegm in her respiratory track, she can barf three to four times a day. It was not nice having to clean up her vomit all over the room. I was really pissed to the ends of my hair. But what can we do?

Thank you Unilab!

It was not after about a year later that it was established that her cough was actually caused by allergies and she did not really have asthma. Since then, I took the effort to build her immune system and to get to her to eat well, just so her body can fight common ailments.

We had given her four doses of protein builders through the years (as prescribed by her pediatrician). We have also spent so much money on a premium milk brand that is supposed to make her gain weight. But nothing helped.

So far, I have noticed though that if I give her a new brand of vitamin supplements, her appetite would improve for like two weeks to one month. But if I keep on giving her the same kind, it would lose its effect on her. I thought of rotating her vitamin supplements, one brand at a time. After she finishes a bottle, I will change it again to another brand.

Thankfully, because of my winnings in an online raffle, I was able to start my experiment. I won P1,500 worth of Unilab products and with that, I asked for different kinds of vitamin supplements from them the company. These are Nutrillin, Nutroplex, Appebon Kid, Tiki Tiki Star, Enervon Syrup and Growee.

Dindin has already finished a bottle of the Appebon with Iron. Two days ago, she started with Growee. Her vital statistics as of January 19, 2014.

Patient’s Name: Dindin Lo
Age: 4 years and 10 months
Height: 41 inchesΒ 
Weight: 14.5 kilos (32 lbs)

After 6 months, I measure her height and weight again and will update you on what happened. πŸ˜€


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