All Dotted for the New Year

All Dotted for the New Year

new year polka dots

Thanks to Kikay Auntie Maricar, whom Dindin calls Dichim and who gave Dindin’s busha pants with skirt, our baby was all dotted for the New Year’s Eve Party. The blouse was what we got as part of the requirements for our Robinsons entry. And incidentally, it is also dotted.

So for the photo above, from left, Dindin was all smiles on her Jollibee sofa, getting a hug from cousin Caleene while cousin Micah looks on, and showing Mama a Snowman on the pillowcase.

In the photo below, at right, this was our New Year’s Eve bedtime photo where Dindin wore a Strawberry Shortcake pajama set from Dichim again. This was a pasalubong in March but she only got to wear it on New Year’s Eve. The next day, the entire family went to Mambucal Mountain Resort in Murcia, Negros Occidental despite the heavy rains. Dindin thoroughly enjoyed the dip in the hot waters of the sulfuric dipping pool.

mambucal sufuric dipping pool

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  1. pepay

    namian ko sg picture ni badin sa iya jollibee couch nang… ka pretty cute cya… kag ka dalaga sa iya sa polka dots pants niya…hehe..

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