Activity Books from Nido 3+

Activity Books from Nido 3+

Nido 3+

Four boxes of Nido 3+ got us four books!

I was so sad that I was not able to get any one of the free books from Nido 3+ last time because somehow, they were not available in our local supermarket. I was told that they were story books and I know that Dindin would love them. But I dunno why we never found them when we go to the supermarket twice a month. Maybe they sold out fast!

But yesterday, I was happy to find out that they have put up a new set of four (4) activity books. These are freebies to the 1.8 kg box. I saw that there were only four boxes left on display so I had them reserved by the merchandiser in order that I can get them today. I don’t want to miss this offer again. And so we did!

Here are the titles of the four books we got:

1. Fun at Home
2. Adventure in the City
3. Play at the Park
4. School is Cool

activity books

The four activity books from Nido 3+

Dindin is so happy with the activities in the Nido books! She is also very happy that she is able to read the entire book all by herself! And then we did some of the activities together.  Eventually, I left her to work on the others but up until now while I am writing this, Dindin is still doing the activities. They are very engaging! So I am glad that we got all of them.

Never mind that we had to spend for the four boxes of milk all at once. She will drink them up anyway, so there is no wastage here. hehe This is almost two months’ supply of milk for her. Thank God for credit cards for moments like these when there are good buys and you are cashless. 😀

7 thoughts on “Activity Books from Nido 3+

  1. darlene bohannon

    where might i be able to find these books,havent seen them anywhere,thanks

  2. Jo

    It’s nice to see Nestle continue making educational books as promotional items.

  3. Katie

    I’m stopping by from the Irish and Italian Blessings giveaway. She is so adorable! and that’s so impressive that she can read them by herself!

  4. Terri Herman

    These look like they would be great for my Preschool class children. I will pass on this info to parents ~ they may want to put them on Santa’s list! Thanks!

  5. mommyjoy

    hello, i am also collecting these activity books, i need the ADVENTURE IN THE CITY to complete my collection, but unfortunately i couldn’t find it anymore 🙁 if you mommies have extra of this book please let me know i’m willing to buy it just for my daughter, because she really love these books thanks.

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Oh that’s great! haha My reply is late. That is good, because actually, I haven’t seen them around Robinsons anymore either.

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