A Wrestling Match

Every November 1 (All Saints’ Day), we go to the house of Dennis’ cousin Michael to celebrate the birthday of Koko Sony (Papa William’s youngest sister). This year, we had two growing kiddies with us. Dindin is 7.5 months while Meimei is 6.5 months here.

At first, they had a duel. hihihi Dindin keeps on bouncing on the bed while being held by her Papa while Meimei is also trying to follow.

It was as if Dindin was playing game on Meimei because she cannot move much yet. She would hold Meimei down, touch her, play tricks on her…whatever. Look at their funny photos below.

wwf photo2

Three babies wrestling here! Ma intra man si Chloe. hehe

wwf photo3

Dindin is usually supportive of Meimei’s endeavors, like learning to crawl and walk. But here, she is really in a playful mood, probably treating Meimei like Chloe. hehe (her firstborn doll hahaha)

wwf photo2

Dindin: Pinned down, again! weeee hehehehe (sinister smile)

wwf photo4

Dindin: Mei, why are you chewing on Chloe’s butt? Ari mo ay! heeeyaaah!!!

wwf photo1

Ginsiko ni Meimei si Dindin. Gin headbutt ni Dindin si Meimei:

Dindin: Hala, nag hibi na. Wala ko ya ha…

Then eventually, Meimei found Dindin’s weakest point. She went in for the pounce. And it was a knockout! 1-2-3! Meimei pinned down Dindin! Meimei wins! hahaha

Ahhh…note to everybody…never mind the irritating high pitched laughter. Promise, I will not do it again while holding the camera. hahaha


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