A Video of Dindin Reading Some Words

A Video of Dindin Reading Some Words

Jollibee Stuffed Toy

Jollibee Stuffed Toy

This afternoon, Tita Ning brought over this Jollibee stuffed toy for Dindin. She came with Tita Kriza and Tita Joyjoy. Dindin was very entertaining, showing them her toys, her dance, and some of her reading skills.

Below she danced and pranced and told them that she is a ballerina.

Ballet dancer

Dindin is dancing ballet.

All photos and video were taken by Leah Faith Magallanes.

One thought on “A Video of Dindin Reading Some Words

  1. Leah

    woooot! dindin never fails to amaze me! this is the first time i had a “real” conversation with her! She’s so entertaining,,I am looking forward for my next visit! hahaah

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