A Very Busy Month of March

A Very Busy Month of March

I had not been actively blogging this month because we were sooooo busy as a family. When we get home, I barely have energy to get on with our nightly routine and when I breastfeed for the night, I usually fall asleep, too. haha

Here is why:

Ballet Recital
Long before March came, Dindin had started practicing for their grand ballet recital that happened March 1. There were dress rehearsals, pictorials, etc.

Dindin’s ballet recital at Kansilayan gym.

5th Birthday
Dindin also turned 5 years old this month. We first celebrated with a simple gathering with family and a few close friends last March 9 (Sunday) at Chow King. The important thing for her is that she wore a costume and she had a birthday cake. So she was already happy. When Monday came, we brought a cake and some loot bags for her ballet class so that she can celebrate with them . They sang the birthday song for her and they had a photo opp. The following day, we had a mini celebration in her school because they are already graduating and we thought it would be nice to spend it with her classmates. So all in all, it was a three-day celebration. hehe

Dindin’s Merliah the Mermaid party–her first party of the week.

Kinder Graduation
March 16 was Dindin’s graduation from Kinder School. They had practices for their two presentations. We were very proud that Dindin finished with an Academic Excellence Award even though we did not review her with her lessons. She also had a great performance during their presentation. In the afternoon of her graduation, we also attended an educational tea party.

Her preschool graduation.

The tea party after her graduation.

Ballet School Graduation
When March 20 came, it was her ballet school graduation. It was not really much except that they were awarded their medals. But because we are ever-supportive, we bring the whole family including the baby to wherever we go.

Medal of completion awarding at ballet class. 🙂

First Summer Outing
We just needed a break and an opportunity came when we were given the chance to review a local resort. It was a really nice experience we had at May’s Organic Garden last March 22.

Family outing at May’s Organic Garden.

Whew! I barely have time to clean our room! haha But it was a fun and full summer. I already made preparations for Dindin’s summer activities. For April, it will be mostly swimming and homeschool activities. She is not going to have ballet this summer. We will resume in June.

Now, this momma has got to run! 😀 This is going to be a really fun summer!

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