A Tonic for New Mothers Who Just Gave Birth

A Tonic for New Mothers Who Just Gave Birth

Seravallo’s Tonic

When I gave birth to my first born, my husband’s cousin gave me a bottle of the Seravallo’s Tonic Bark & Iron Wine. It’s a kind of wine with an alcohol content of 14.5% but it is recommended for those who have given birth and who have had surgery or some sort of medical trauma where you lost a lot blood.

Seravallo’s Tonic is a product of Italy but a lot of the writings on its label and packaging are in Chinese. Additionally, we buy this in a local Chinese drug store. So I believe that this is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is said that it helps in recovery, helps those with anemia, and even improves appetite.

Some women do not like this because of the alcohol content especially if they are breastfeeding. But in my case, I think that moderation is still key. And after all, I will not drink it continually, just during the first month after I gave birth. Also I drink only 1 cup at night before bedtime though the recommended dosage is 3-4 cups for adults. My tummy is quite sensitive to iron that I easily get constipated with iron supplements. That is why I am also laying low with Seravallo’s Tonic. And well, my mother-in-law recommended it so I drank it. She would give me herbs or barks as tea or as ingredient in soups after I gave birth and I would dutifully drink them. I don’t doubt the efficacy of Chinese traditional medicines because I believe that the Chinese are more healthy than most people.

This time around, it was my mother-in-law and our wedding godmother who gave me a bottle each of the tonic. So I am very thankful.

If you are not aware of this, do check this out in your local Chinese drug store. For sure it is available.

4 thoughts on “A Tonic for New Mothers Who Just Gave Birth

  1. And The Dreaming Moon...

    Just to be curious, do you think this would help during menstruation? If I have a heavy period, I tend to feel pretty drowsy and sleep like a bear in hibernation. If you think it might help, then I’m definitely going to check it out.

    I recently tried out a Chinese herbal remedy called “Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa”, and love it. It’s been great soothing my sore throat, and my mom thinks it’s been helping her with allergy symptoms. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but I thought I’d pass it along. It’s always great to find out about other herbal remedies, and I really enjoyed this post.

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Pei Pa Koa the liquid? We take that for cough. I think Seravallo will work for you especially if you bleed a lot during menstruation. Twill help replenish the body because of the blood loss and the pain. If you are not averse to alcohol, try this one, maybe 2 doses (after lunch and dinner) during menstruation and maybe 2-3 days after. 😀 Hope this helps.

      1. And The Dreaming Moon...

        That definitely helps. Thank you ^_^ It’s nice to know how much would be good to take and when.

        I’ve checked out the local International market and our Asian market, but neither have this. I haven’t been able to find it online either… Weirdly enough, I keep coming up with postcards of advertisements for it :/ Maybe specialty wine shops might carry it? I’m kind of running out of ideas on how to find it, and I really want to try it.

        1. Loving Mama Post author

          Try Chinese drug stores. Where do you live sis? I believe you would find it in Binondo or Tondo. Here in our city, it’s at a Chinese drug store in our Chinatown area. 😀

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