A Sister’s Love

Dindin’s first visit at the hospital–the day after her younger sister was born. πŸ˜€

Even before I got pregnant, we already talked to Dindin about the possibility of having a sibling. She seemed to take it well. And when I finally got pregnant a few months before her fourth birthday, we broke the news to her with excitement.

And she received it well. She was all too excited to have a sibling. She really wanted a sister but since we thought it was going to be a boy (or at least anticipating for one), we kinda kept on talking that it was going to be a boy. The only teeny problem came when we learned that it was going to be a girl because Dindin really expected a brother. But it was short-lived.

During one of Dindin’s visits πŸ˜€

We wanted to avoid sibling rivalry at all costs so we were very careful with our actions and words. We kept reassuring her through everything that we do that we love her and that nothing is going to change it. And up to the point of my hospital admission, that was foremost on our minds.

That is why after two sleepless nights, I decided to go to the hospital on Sunday, August 11. I didn’t want it to be an emergency case where I had to leave her in the middle of the night without saying goodbye. It was her exam week and I didn’t want her upset. So before going to the hospital, we talked to Dindin about it. We waited for her to wake up and we explained why both Mama and Papa had to go and why she had to stay with the sitter. I made her a list of what she needs to do from morning till evening and then I wrote her a note. After that, she was smiling when she sent us off.

My note for Dindin before I left for the hospital.

After my delivery, Dindin was very eager to see her sister. So she got to visit us the following day. And everyday thereafter. When it was time for us to come home yesterday, which was a Friday, Dindin kept asking her sitter what time we were coming. And when we got home, she excitedly called for us when we went out of the car.

When we got inside the room, she greeted her sister, stroked her head and kept saying “Siobe is sooo cute!” And then she took out her thick Tinkerbell book and said, “Siobe, look, Achi has a cake for you. It has icing and sprinkles.” Awwww…she prepared a welcome-home gift for her sister! That really made me cry. She is so thoughtful! We must have done something right for Dindin to act this way towards her sister. That is really fulfilling.

Dindin’s “cake” for Siobe–her Tinkerbell book.

While we still have a long way to go, I am reassured that we are on the right path of cultivating a healthy relationship between siblings. Sibling rivalry is the last thing that we want to deal with in this family. And thank God, we have started this right. πŸ˜€ I feel fulfilled.

Dindin strokes Siobe during our arrival. πŸ˜€

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