A Simple Take-Home Gift

A Simple Take-Home Gift

This little flower was enough to make Dindin happy.

Hubby and I attended the opening of a new restaurant last night here in Bacolod City and we were away for two hours.

When we have affairs like this, we usually tell Dindin ahead of time and she would just oblige because advance notices work well with her. She could not understand it when we are about to leave and we just tell her right there and then. But if she knew ahead of time, it is as easy as a shrug when we say goodbye.

We do not usually bring take-home gifts when we go out because we don’t want them to get used to the idea that whenever we go out, they have to expect something from us. That is why it is such a joy when she runs towards us when she sees us, not because of what we brought but because WE are home.

But tonight, as I was going out the restaurant, I saw a flower arrangement. The event is already done so I thought of getting one pink daisy (her favorite color) to bring to Dindin. When we got home, she was so happy to see us and she let out a gasp when she saw the flower, which she happily placed in this vase. She did not ask for anything so she was already very happy that we brought something for her. Ahhh….such simple joys that do not cost money. And well, since there were no expectations, everything is well and good.

Like any parent, we would not want Dindin to grow up materialistic. Yes, it is so easy to shower everything to her. But we have to be mindful of the consequences, too.

Thank you, God, for such a grateful child.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Take-Home Gift

  1. Marinela Diaz

    Aaawww…she’s such a sweet girl! Very rare na ang mga batang ganyan. I remember this 5 year old kid na neighbor namin. Only child lang sya. He’s with his grandma the whole day everyday. His mom is working and his dad works abroad. Just a couple of days ago, the kid’s dad arrived and was fetched at the airport by his wife. I was by the window when their car parked infront of their house. You know what the kid said the minute he saw his dad? “Daddy anong pasalubong mo?” I was really, really saddened by this. Parang mas important pa yung pasalubong kesa sa presence nung dad nya. Maybe because he was showered with material things and the boy got used to it. hay…I will not let my son grow up to be materialistic like that boy. 🙁

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Awww…That is what we are trying to avoid. That our kids would learn to value people and not things.

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