A Shift in Musical Interests

A Shift in Musical Interests

When Dindin was a little younger, like around 1 year-2 years old, she was very much interested in drums or at least, in percussion instruments. She would tap anything with her hands or with a stick. With that I had already been thinking about look at drum sets for sale from local stores and the internet, just in case she would really pursue playing the drums.

She actually has a drum set for kids that really looks close to the real thing, but now, it seems that her interest has shifted and she is more into playing the guitar. That is why we bought her a ukelele when we were in Cebu.

When she is a little older, we will enroll her in a music school in order to learn the instrument of her choice. I am thinking that when she is older and schooled, we can go back there in Cebu and pick out a real guitar for her.

Until then, she will just pretend play.

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    Kids are hard to read when it comes to figuring out just what instrument to get for them. I think you are doing the right thing by letting her try out many different types.

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