A Round of Birthday Parties

A Round of Birthday Parties

Dindin turned 1 last March 11 and we celebrated her birthday on the exact same date. Meanwhile, two of our friends put the first birthday celebrations of their children on March 13, which was a Saturday. So Dindin attended a total of three birthday parties this week.

Whew! It had been a tiring week but Dindin likes parties and we like to take her, too, because she enjoys them. She is not a party pooper. She is just so awake and energetic throughout the party. During her birthday, she slept around 11:00pm, on our way home from driving my parents to their home, which is far away from our house.

It was a wonderful night to party during Dindin’s birthday and we thank God for the good weather and for the friends and family who came. Thank you, Lord!

Here are a couple of photo collages. The first one was during Eon Bugna’s first birthday party held at one of the function rooms of Mayfair Plaza. It was an afternoon kiddie affair. I met Eon’s Mommy, Jen Bugna, at the breastfeeding station of Riverside Hospital. Eon was born two days after Dindin. We chatted Mom chat and learned that her father is a good friend of Dennis’ uncle. They have since went to our church because our service is now held at the Trinity School in Villa Angela, which is near their house. 😀

eon bday

After Eon’s party, we went home for a nappy change. Then at around 7:00pm, we went to L’Fisher Hotel for the dinner party of Erin. Erin is the daughter of Eric and Jen Tan. Jen helped me with Dindin’s milk supply during my baby’s early months. Erin came out of her Mama 1 day before Dindin. If I went with Jen on March 10, they would have the same birthday. 😀

erin bday

Dindin enjoyed both parties soooo much! She participated in the games and she socialized with the other kids. It is nice taking her to parties because she is behaved and it is a chance for her to mingle with other kids, as we are always alone in the house.

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