A Playground in our Bedroom

A Playground in our Bedroom

PhotobucketThe other night, while we were just having some family time in our room, I suddenly noticed that father and daughter are already playing some playground games. Of course, there are no actual equipment. Dindin used his father’s shins as slide. Eventually, they played swing, with Papa supporting Dindin’s legs and swaying her forward and backward like she was on a swing. Then they played another game where Dindin’s arms are supported by Papa’s strong arms and they swayed from left to right, like a pendulum.
PhotobucketOh what fun Dindin had! Our room was filled with shrieks and laughter as they played and while Mama played the part of a photographer. LOL Nighttime is a fun time for Dindin because then both Papa and Mama are present in the bedroom.

During the day, most of the time there is only the two of us in the bedroom. When she wakes up, Papa is already downstairs. During lunchtime, we do get to spend the meal together but after lunch, her Papa would put her to sleep. So it is only during nighttime that they have these uninterrupted bonding moments–playing, reading, and then going to bed. 😀

Here’s another video while they were “swinging” hehe

10 thoughts on “A Playground in our Bedroom

  1. EJsmom

    kalaba na kay budin ba! a few years from now taas na ni mga chikiting ta sa atun 😀

  2. Corbitoness

    Pareho sila ng bibi ko ng favorite activity. Sliding ang swinging.

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  3. Pinx

    she really had fun… visiting your KID entry! hope you can visit mine too!

  4. January

    looks like both of them had a lot of fun..

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  5. jared's mum

    looks like the father + daughter really had loads of fun playing together!
    i can’t imagine swinging my son in my arms, i’d probably have back pains afterwards! 😉

  6. mommy-jheng

    Daddy’s girl :D. Di ba overwhelming ang feeling mommy pag nakikita mo ang mag-ama na super bonding?

    My K.I.D entry is up here. Hope you can visit me too!

  7. Iris by shengkay

    ..hmmm..thats all i can say..wish I could experience that too..
    Super late visiting from KIDS #5..here’s my
    Inviting you to join Mama Shengkay Orange Tuesdays..open tomorrow..
    Have a nice day!

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