A Plate Collection for a Fussy Eater

A Plate Collection for a Fussy Eater

Melaware plate collection

Melaware plate collection. Dindin seemed really pleased.

When Dindin was younger, I started buying Melaware dishes from Gaisano City that they sold per kilo. It costs P99 for a kilo and you couldn’t just buy one piece–a kilo is their minimum. We bought several with different designs and recently, we did it again. Last time, there were a couple of freebies with del Monte spaghetti and that added to our collection.

I just love the colorful designs–some have animal prints, some have little red plants from the sea, while others had food designs. Some were flat, some were round, and some had separators. They are all colorful.

When I took this photo, I realized that we had collected so many plates already and that is for someone who thinks that eating is optional. LOL Ironic, isn’t it? Well, when she was younger, I thought that using plates with interesting designs would get her to eat more.

But I realized that a plate was not what she needed–she needed a mother who paid careful attention to her while she is eating–not on the computer, watching TV, or talking to others. When I did that, she ate some more.

If you think, however, that some nice plates would help your fussy eater, then maybe you could invest in some. They don’t cost too much anyway.

6 thoughts on “A Plate Collection for a Fussy Eater

  1. chrisair

    I like Melaware too, i always hoard it when shopping, nice collection

  2. Sammy

    These look absolutely adorable! Not a very common collection for kids, but nice all the same. Shoti has his car collection, but I bet there are a lot of other young boys who has that too.

  3. jared's mum

    i love those colorful plates! Dindin can have one for every day of the week ^_^ I wish I can go to Gaisano Mall to buy some or hopefully they have those here. A kilo of lovely plates for P99 is really quite a steal! I can giveaway the extra in my son’s blog! ^_^

  4. jem alvarado

    So many cute plates. I am also collecting some cute colorful plates for my little boy, this way they are encourage to eat more.

  5. Shengkay

    I also love melaware…
    Iris would surely love that plate too!
    pero parang hindi ko na yan kelanmgan kasi she eats ng marami naman kahit na were using the usual our plate.

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