A Loving Photo of Nicole Kidman and Her Loving Family

A Loving Photo of Nicole Kidman and Her Loving Family

Keith Urban tenderly touches his wife Nicole Kidman after a kiss while their two daughters cling on to him lovingly. Photo from the internet.

There are celebrities who seem detached from their kids while there are those who are really doting parents. I guess it really depends on a person if he or she has parenting instincts. And I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to post this photo that I found online.

You see, Nicole Kidman had been attending the round of awards nights in Los Angeles, California. She obviously brought her kids with her to America but her husband, Australian country singer Keith Urban stayed home in their native land, perhaps because he has engagements of his own.

At the time of the picture above, Ms. Kidman just got off the plane with her kids from the USA and her husband picked them up from the airport when they arrived in Australia. Actually, there is a series of pictures to this scene. There was one where Mr. Urban kissed his wife on the lips. And while the couple are still engrossed with each other, their two daughters cling happily to their father–they are just sooo happy to see each other.

It is heartwarming to see a celebrity family like this. While Ms. Kidman is still at the top of her game in Hollywood, her husband is also a big name in the Australian music industry with a band that uses top of the line instruments. Yet, it seems that there is no upping the other in the family or in the marriage. Maybe, when they go home, they leave the limelight outside of their house. Or it is just that they love each other so much. I am not sure if any of them use a cool Gemini, it doesn’t matter. I am just happy to see this family that is happy together.

What a lovely family, don’t you think?

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