A Happy Baby

A Happy Baby

dindin happyHappy Bee.

Dindin is quite a happy baby. The problem is, when she is with other people who she has not spent much time with, she can be crabby. As in. She can be really grouchy. It’s like saying, “Close ba tayo?” Oh gee. She has such a personality even this early.

So I always tell her to be happy baby, to be always smiling, and more friendly.

Then one time, I caught her saying, “Happy Bee.” And she continued to do so up until now. It seems she was trying to convince herself that she was a happy baby. hahaha I guess that is one way for her to psych herself to be a happy baby . haha Smart kid.

2 thoughts on “A Happy Baby

  1. Dhadha

    Same as Kimy. If bag-o ya lng kita ang tao or wala sya syado ka spent time sa specific person, daw walang kibo si Kimy. She is very shy and hindi magtalk. Matupad lng na sya sakon kg magtapik. Hahaha. If kami upod nya ya, super baba-an to the max and tanan na lumbayag nabal-an nya. :))

    Well maybe most of the kids amo lng gd na ya? Hehehe. :))

  2. admin Post author

    haha mu gid na guro no? daw ka, te indi man kamo close te ngaa mayuhay abi? haha ginahambalan na di si dindin na alabuton, kay tilimplahun kung mag deal sa iya hehe

    gina update ko blog ko. medyo tawhay ko hehe

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