A Grocery at Home

A Grocery at Home

PhotobucketNo, we do not have a grocery at home nor did we open a grocery store. But Dindin has the grocery cart and cash register as gifts during her second birthday. We had already opened the cash register last time but I kept it after sometime. Last weekend, I opened the grocery cart and then took out the cash register again so that we can play grocery store.

I filled up her Disney Princess wallet with some play paper money and an old ATM card (simulating a credit card) so that she can pay for her purchase. As you can see above, Dindin is the shopper while Papa was the storekeeper.
PhotobucketWhen Dindin was younger, we also bought her a small tray of money that looks like the interior of a cash register. Papa believes that if you give a cash register to a child, she will turn out to be a businesswoman but if you give her a wallet, we will just be teaching her to be a consumer. Does it make sense? Makes sense to me. LOL And so businesswoman she will be. hahaha

This is one of our pretend play sessions at home. The grocery cart and goods were a gift from the Pe family–our wedding godparents and Tita Che, Tito William and baby Perle. The cash register was from Tito Robert, Tita Stessie, and Robert Jr.

13 thoughts on “A Grocery at Home

  1. The Pepperrific Life

    For a minute there, I thought you opened up a new business at home :). That’s so cute. Dindin will learn to be money-conscious.

  2. imriz

    haha, so i guess, we should never let our kids play with money or have wallets of their own…great idea:)

  3. Luna Miranda

    so i guess the “maria went to town” game when i was a kid was the reason i’m a dedicated shopper.:p lovely snapshots of father and daughter.

  4. chubskulit

    A consumer or a spender hehehe. Is your hubby a chinese sis? Cute naman!

    Late bloghopping for OT, hope you can drop by to see my ORANGE, thanks a lot!

  5. Pepay

    That is so cool..a grocery cart! Haha… Dw ka nami maging bata liwat a….Hehe

  6. cheerful

    nice toys and both having fun! great idea from daddy…:) visiting late from orange tuesdays and have a great week! 🙂

  7. Gene

    Una’s shopping cart is exactly like that! Hahaha! Pwede ng BFFs ang kiddos natin.

  8. Shengkay

    ay cute mommy! like the cart..
    Thanks for joining Orange Tuesdays 6th Edition! ..hope to see you next round..

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