A Good Investment for Your Kids’ Future

A Good Investment for Your Kids’ Future

I really don’t know where to buy gold, but what I know is, the value of gold does not depreciate. It just appreciates over time.

That is why I have read somewhere that it would be great to invest your money in gold bullion because over time, its value will just increase.

But honestly, here in the Philippines, I would not know how much one bullion costs and how it is purchased. I am also doubting as to the authenticity of the gold bars because I read an article about how one was ripped off because the gold bars were hollow inside and filled with a metal that has the same weight and density as gold. So how can you be really sure that what you got are authentic ones.

And then of course there is the question of security. You will need to rent a bank safe in order to keep your gold bars secure. At least in the bank, you can declare the value of your deposits and then claim insurance if something happens.

I honestly believe that gold bars are great investments for your kids’ future, but I just don’t know how to go about it.

16 thoughts on “A Good Investment for Your Kids’ Future

  1. Lovely Joy Merced

    I was thinking about it too, it is really a good investment! If only i have the moolah, i will buy gold teehee 😀

  2. Krisyhelle Garcia (Krishy Gee)

    A Good Investment for Your Kids’ Future?

    Wow a really nice and meaningful blog post of yours!!
    It really helps!!

  3. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    Wow! Very informative, thanks for this! Me want gold bars! <3

  4. Carmina Aguilar

    It really is a good investment. The question really is to where to get the gold? I might think another investment though. maybe a business. 😀

  5. Mertevchel Teves Cañete

    Well investing in gold bars is a good thought perhaps but i feel the same question in my for you on how to really go about it. But you may start as well on investing it on insurance perhaps? Like a single mom I know, who invested her money for his kiddo’s educational insurance. As she said, she can’t be forever working for his kid’s future, she also has a life of her own at the same time she will never know when God will take her life away. 🙂

  6. Say

    Hey,from my end,we are lucky to have the finest gold here in the Philippines.Yes,its truly a great investment.I started to buy my own jewelry at 400p per gram..that was 1990.And now its 1200/k already.(And can be pawned twice the price).

  7. Jeanne Ugay

    I agree, the value of gold increases and it’s a good investment. We just need to consult the gold experts for us not to be a prey, right? For me, i’d rather choose to invest my money to PAGIBIG FUND — “dibidendo mas malaki, kita mas malaki” as the commercial goes =)

  8. Leny Martinez

    I think another investment for our kids future is house and lot or either a lot only, aside from gold or gold bar, why because a year after or many years to come the value of lot will raise up like a gold.. right?

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