A Flower from Dindin

A Flower from Dindin

a mother's day giftA couple of weeks ago, I bought some stuff at SM Department Store. While I paid for the merchandise, Papa and Dindin played around at the Toys Section.

After my stint at the cashier, I went to join them. I saw that Papa and Dindin were each holding a flower made of cloth. When Dindin saw me, she immediately grabbed the flower from her Papa’s hand and gave it to me. I said, “Why, thank you baby.” But then I went to talk to her Papa and then just absentmindedly gave the flower back to him to be put back on the shelf.

When Dindin noticed this, she went to her Papa again, mumbled something, grabbed the flower again and gave it back to me. It was then I realized what was happening. Dindin was trying to give me a flower that she saw on the shelf and I just dismissed it. My heart melted…I was like awww baby…thank you so much and gave her a kiss and hug! I wanted to buy the flower as a remembrance but when I saw the price tag that it costs P199.75, I had second thoughts. So to make the long story short, I secretly put back the flower on the shelf, took a picture of it, and brought Dindin somewhere else to distract her.

I guess that well we do have one day in the year when children celebrate Mother’s day. But if we come to think of it, every day is really Mother’s Day. While Dindin offered this flower to me on a different day, it goes to show that the responsibility of motherhood is not just for one day…and so is the appreciation. We are to appreciate our Moms whenever we have the opportunity.

But for the sake of the occasion, I will share Dindin’s flower to all of you who have had children, biologically or emotionally, or in one way or another have raised one or many.


Dindin was two years and 1 month when she intentionally gave me this flower last month.

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