A Different Meeting

A Different Meeting

Obviously, Dindin and her friends Gianna and Eon were not listening to Ptr. Dave’s sermon last Sunday during the worship service at Trinity Christian Fellowship. They had their own agenda–running around!

I think they kept on doing this about 20 minutes. Eventually, I saw Eon asleep in the back on his grandmother’s lap while Gianna was on her bottle, but Dindin kept on running! She just loves going to church because she knows that she can run around and around the wide area at the back of the auditorium. Or sometimes, she would go outside at the covered court and play there. She loves the freedom that big spaces give her. 😀

2 thoughts on “A Different Meeting

  1. pepay

    damo na ga attend sa TCF nang nu… saja kay badin.. mayu kay may mga upod siya sa generation niya…hehe…

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