A Costume Party During Playtime

A Costume Party During Playtime

little costume party

Our little costume party

Since Dindin doesn’t have a playmate, it is natural that I would take the brunt of whatever she fancies for the day.

Well, she wanted to become a purple butterfly fairy princess so she donned her full regalia. And you know what she wanted me to be? A bug. Okay. Go figure.

5 thoughts on “A Costume Party During Playtime

  1. pepay

    hahaha…. ahay… i can be dindin’s playmate…. saylo kmu d nang..hihihi…

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      hahah Dindin will be really happy 😀 hay wish ko gid na may auntie xa who can play with her and help mold her 😀

  2. zoan

    Wahhhh malamang pag lumaki na si chicay ko magiging palaka ako at sya ang fairy hahaha

  3. Teresa Martinez

    IT’s nice to see mothers taking time to play with their kids regardless of what roles they want their mothers to play. You’re such a good sport.

  4. custom furniture

    You and your cute baby are looking so gorgeous in this dress,with loving smile.

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