A Career as Fitness Instructor

A Career as Fitness Instructor

Here’s Dindin as her Koko’s fitness instructor. Actually, she loves playing “follow the leader.” She would do something and ask us to follow and she would not stop if we did not do what she says. Sometimes, it would be her Papa and me as her students. But last time, it was her aunt.

She really likes anything pertaining to fitness and physical activity or just expending calories you ate. Does she have the capacity to become a fitness instructor? haha Watch this video. This is quite long at 6 minutes, but their actual session was longer.

I am not sure what Dindin will become someday. It seems that she wants to be a singer, dancer, drummer, doctor, model, ballerina and now a fitness instructor. Right now, I guess it is just our responsibility as parents to make her discover her talents and skills and with guidance and much prayer, it is still up to her to choose the path that she would take. I guess the best thing that we can do now is expose her to many different learning avenues that would shape her.

I just wish that we would not have to make payday loans no credit check just so we could cope with her interests! haha We already asked for the fees about ballet class and it is P1,800 per month.

Well, we will just see about that.

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