A Bathtime Game with Johnsons Baby Wash

A Bathtime Game with Johnsons Baby Wash

baby wash and baby shampoo

Dindin’s collection of baby wash and baby shampoo

Dindin has always disliked the water and I try to find ways and means to make bath time a pleasant one for her. Sometimes we bring toys or I would bring in a wash basin so that she can have a bubble bath. Our shower room is quite small, so I can only bring in a small basin that is just enough for her to sit down. But she loves the lather all over her. I just couldn’t find the photo of her on the basin.

Another thing that I come up with is using a color game during bath time. I noticed that Johnson’s baby wash come in different colors and scents (which I all so love), so I thought of buying the different variants. Of course, I did not buy them all at the same time because that would put a dent on my pocket. But every time I went to grocery, I bought one. I also bought the watermelon shampoo by Suave and the strawberry shampoo for kids from Human Nature. I also have some body scrubs, dead sea salts, and body wash myself, and sometimes I let her play with the bubbles, too. I just don’t use my own set on her because these products may be too harsh on her young skin.

Anyway, in the game, I would let her choose the color that she wants to use for the day. She could opt for a different color for her hair and a different color for her body. She just loves it. Sometimes, I would make suggestions and she would negotiate. Maybe, she likes it because she is given a choice and she gets to make a decision.

We just love this game and I thank Johnsons for their many variants of baby body wash. Dindin still gets fussy when I rinse her hair, but at least, she is looking forward to this little bath time game that we have.

4 thoughts on “A Bathtime Game with Johnsons Baby Wash

  1. Ron

    Nice creative thinking for your baby’s bath time. Cool! For sure she’s always excited to take a bath daily.

  2. Sammy

    We love the Johnson’s baby cooling bath, it’s perfect for summer! And I love the scent too. It’s really refreshing. For shampoo though, I prefer Pigeon shampoo for the scent and for making my son’s hair really soft and shiny.

  3. wrinkle injections

    Johnson’s baby products are very popular all over the world and everyone used them for their own purpose also.

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