5 Ways To avoid Infection And Bacteria In A Hospital

5 Ways To avoid Infection And Bacteria In A Hospital

My family at the hospital during the birth of my second daughter. We were very squeamish. So each one of us has a bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer in our bags, a big bottle of alcohol on the table, sanitizing wipes, and of course, sanitizing and deodorizing spray. LOL And no, we are not paranoid.

Hospitals can go from helpful to harmful in the blink of an eye. Your journey to health may be filled with bacterial hazards. Stay smart and minimise your time in the sterile chambers. Follow these handy tips or consult a professional, such as AMC Commercial Cleaning, for further advice.

Keep your distance

Thank your primary school teacher for their wisdom. Now is the time to implement the 30cm rule that you thought was oh-so-ridiculous in grade 3. Go one step further and double the distance. Like your adorable puppy, that caught a cold from the vet, you too could take home a germy souvenir. Distance yourself from the infected patients roaming the hospital hallways to avoid this fate.

Don’t touch the shiny things

Keep your hands to yourself and don’t fall for the allure of the shiny, albeit scary, medical equipment present. When the doctor walks away, don’t have a play, you run the risk of getting an infection if you can’t resist man handling the tools. If you are lucky enough to find yourself with a nasogastric tube, try and resist the urge to fiddle and play. Ironically, the hospital is one of the easiest places to pick up unwanted germs, and you don’t want to give them a chance to run wild on the inside.

Be mindful of hand hygiene

Form a new addiction, hand washing. Pick your poison, whether it be aquim, disinfectant wipes or sanitising soap. Keep those phalanges fighting fit with regular scrubs, wipes and washes. It’s unrealistic to completely avoid touching any potentially contaminated surfaces, so cleanse your hands as frequently as possible.

Phone a friend to clean your mess

Do not, I repeat, do not clean your own mess. While most lazy patients or visitors would happily follow this advice, there is always some overeager person trying to be an adult and clean up after themselves. This is your invitation to lazy town. You aren’t being helpful by using your greasy serviette to wipe up your spilled food sludge. Your attempts will only make the mess less visible and more difficult for the cleaners. Instead, inform hospital staff of your accident. They will use their specifically formulated solutions to eradicate potentially harmful bacteria and keep everyone safe.

Don’t get handsy

Fate may place you next to your new BFF or soulmate. Make good friends with the motorcycle accident victim in the next bed, the burn victim across the room or the pregnant lady diagonal from you. Enjoy the rare experience of landing a good hospital roommate, but be careful to keep your hands to yourself. Resist the urge to hi-five, hold hands or touch objects belonging to the other person. Remember you are in the hospital for a reason, and chances are, one of you has something the other doesn’t want to catch.

Use these top tricks to stay sickness free in your hospital visit. Better yet, stay mindful of hygiene to avoid landing yourself in the office of your local GP or hospital in the first place!

16 thoughts on “5 Ways To avoid Infection And Bacteria In A Hospital

  1. sherry ann gole cruz

    Standard hygiene precautions are equally effective against sickness or infection when we visit someone at the hospital

  2. Jonalyn Repalda

    Now I know how to Avoid infection and bacteria i learn more, Thanks to your Blog post.

  3. Crystal Cruz

    thanks for the tip really helpful po sya lalo na sa mga ospital ngayon dami sakit na makukuha.

  4. Rachel Anne Del Rosario

    This is an important matter and health is wealth. We should impose cleanliness at all times especially in public places like hospital

  5. Michelle Talaboc

    This is a good share! Good thing, I always go with my hand sanitizer just in case. 🙂

  6. Maria May Ochea

    Thank you for this useful informatrion. It’s worth sharing!

  7. jared's mum

    i am also squeamish about hospitals! i never tag along the little man whenever i had to go to one, as he might get a virus or something from a trip. i also make sure i wash my hands + change my clothes a soon as i am home before i cuddle or kiss my son after a hospital trip!

  8. Rhania Chang

    prang naalala ko yung bagong panganak ako kay baby rhaine.. family never forget to sanitize their hands before touching our little angel

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