5 Simple Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

5 Simple Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

Improving the look of your bathroom doesn’t have to involve tearing down walls or ripping up tiles. There are many different quick-fix solutions to improving your bathroom ambience; below you will find just five of them.

1. Update your Plumbing

Does your bathroom suffer from creaky plumbing? Do your pipes sound like they have run a marathon and are struggling to breathe? An effective way to spruce up your bathroom is to banish any plumbing woes! Now, not everyone is a DIY master and not everyone has the time or inclination to get hands-on when it comes to renovations. Instead opt for a professional plumbing company; there are many businesses, such as Capital Plumbing.

2. Update your Lighting

Switching something as simple as your light fittings can really change the whole ambience of your bathroom – moving away from that bare bulb on a frayed wire to a decadent smoked glass fitting not only improves safety, but brings a touch of class to your bathroom. Variations in the degree of lighting can dramatically alter the feel of a room, and all it involves is the cost of a new bulb. Go wild and experiment! You may even wish to explore the use of different coloured bulbs and or luminosity.

3. Accessorise

You may not be able to change the size of your bathroom, but by introducing some stylish ornaments you can change the atmosphere in seconds. There is an endless variety of accessories to choose from, such as pot-plants, vases, wicker baskets, jars and decorative themed items. By choosing wisely, you can even utilise your accessories as additional storage so there’ll be less bathroom clutter to spoil the view.

4. Storage

Bathrooms are generally not the largest rooms in the house, so any clutter, such as hairbrushes and toothbrushes will stand out like a sore thumb. By getting your bits and bobs cleared away from the vanity and safely stashed out of sight, your view of your snazzy new bathroom will be unspoilt by razors, curling tongs or deodorant canisters.

Dindin enjoying the tub at Crown Regency Hotel. She loves taking bubble baths in tubs. How I wish we can have one at home. 😀

5. Indulge with some new linen

Picture the scene: you’re relaxing in the bath, luxuriating in the nice hot water, surrounded by bubbles. It’s lovely. Suddenly your eye is drawn to the thread-bare towel that’s hanging on the wall. The moment shouldn’t be ruined just because you forgot to invest in some gloriously fluffy new towels (and possibly a matching bath mat to go with those towels). New linen makes everything better – just remember how you feel, sliding into a bed made with clean, fresh sheets. You can get that feeling in your bathroom just by investing in some quality towels (or go big and buy some bath-sheets) – sheer indulgence!

Do you have any ideas to share? What do you think is the simplest and most effective way to overhaul a bathroom? Share your suggestions by commenting below.

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