5 Must Haves for Your Dream Home

5 Must Haves for Your Dream Home

Imagine you are building your dream home from scratch. What would it look like? What features would it have? If you are planning to build your dream home, or even renovate your existing one, here are 5 must haves to plan into your new dwelling.

A Pool and Spa

There are so many pool and spa options available today; there really is something to fit every taste. Swimming and relaxing in a spa are both great stress relievers and also help increase your fitness and enhance the flow of oxygen into your blood stream. Pools are very good for anyone with muscle or joint issues as they allow you to exercise without putting any strain on the body.

A jacuzzi would be a nice addition to any master’s bathroom…but well. hehe Photo by Leah Faith Magallanes of Faith Photography.

A pool will also increase the value of your dream home and provide great entertainment value. A pool can mean an instant party – just add a crowd and some steaks on the barbeque. A pool will also really help you to keep cool on those hot days.

Entertainment Systems – It’s All about Sound

Why not wire your dream home for sound? Instead of having different speakers in every room, you can install a whole home sound system. This type of sound system is installed by cutting in to ceilings and walls to run wires and also to install speakers, so the best time to add a whole house system is during construction. You can design your whole home system to include various zones in different parts of the house where you can direct different music streams.

Radiant Floor Heating

The addition of radiant floor heating into your dream home is sheer bliss on cold winter mornings. It is very eco-friendly and takes heating to a whole new dimension. Radiant floor heating is installed in the subfloor, so it is best to install it during the construction of your home. Most radiant floor heating uses panels that are heated with water, giving off heat to the floor above. This form of heating is amazing, offering even heating throughout your home.

The Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition to your dream home, allowing you to spend so much more time living out of doors. It is particularly wonderful in summer. Evenings spent cooking in the outdoor kitchen is cool and pleasant. An outdoor kitchen is a real lifestyle choice and a must for those lovers of the great outdoors. It helps keep cooking heat outdoors rather than heating up the home’s interior.

Home Automation

Home automation is a luxury you may very well want to include in your dream home. Automation systems vary in complexity and can do everything from controlling your lights to alerting you when windows or doors are opened. They can include thermostats which warn you of weather changes and can help predict a fire or flood. Speakers can be controlled by the phone and play various music throughout the house. Installing an automation system during construction is the best way to go.

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