4 Considerations When Choosing a Dog Kennel

4 Considerations When Choosing a Dog Kennel

A dog is like family. But in most cases, we cannot bring them during family vacations. The next best thing is to find a dog kennel that can take care of him while you are away. Photo from the internet.

Is your work or business sending you across state lines for most weekends? Have you won an amazing vacation to Tahiti? Or you really need to be down at your mother’s place for several days? Whatever your reasons for traveling, one of the many concerns of a dog owner is to find a place for their beloved pet while they are away. You will need a good dog kennel while you are gone and if this is your first time to leave your pet behind, here are four tips for making the right choice.

1. The Facilities
Before making the choice to leave your dog there, take a tour of the building and make sure you like what you see. Are the beds clean and fluffy? Are there secure gates protecting the outdoor play area from the road? Pay particularly close attention to the dogs staying there. Do they actually look happy, healthy, and energized? Are they well groomed? First impressions really matter in this case.

2. The Staff
Ask about their professional certifications and designations. Have they been licensed by the state? Have they been inspected or accredited by any higher authority? Are they members of any nationally recognized canine associations?

3. The Activities
Good kennels will do more than just provide a place to sleep. Dogs need activities, too. For example, they might offer professional grooming services or obedience training for puppies. These activities are signs that they truly know and understand dogs.

4. The Atmosphere
At the end of the day, nothing is more important than the way the kennel makes you feel. If it doesn’t inspire a feeling of trust and confidence, you should listen to your instincts and find somewhere else for Fluffy.

These are just four tips for choosing the right dog kennel. Sometimes life takes you away from your precious pooch, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave him unprotected. Click here to learn more.

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