2nd Day

2nd Day

Well it is Dindin’s second day on Propan Buclizine HCl. I learned online that Buclizine HCl is actually an antihistamine with appetite stimulating properties. I wonder about its long term side effects. They say that Propan should not be given for long periods because its effect is drowsiness, after all, is in the likes of Cetirizine (Allerkid).

So anyway, I think Dindin’s appetite has improved. Her milk intake has increased and well, at least she is eating lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner already, even if it is not a lot. And also, because of the discipline we instilled last weekend, she no longer asks for her bottle if we do not offer it. So we offer it only after she has eaten.

But yesterday, I showed Dindin this picture of her cousin Meimei on Facebook where Meimei was chomping on a half-eaten cheeseburger.
Instead of getting all salivated with how Meimei is eating, Dindin cupped her hand on her mouth and cried, “Meimei, what happened?” She must have thought that Meimei had a wound hence the red thing (catsup) on her mouth. I am not really sure because I have not taught her about blood and I don’t remember if she has ever seen some. Gee.


G.P. — On another light, I have been looking online for another topic, and that is how buy gold coins. My eyes are opened to this new investment opportunity because of a friend of mine who was talking last time about gold coins. I learned a lot from my readings on the internet, but I still don’t know how to buy it. Additionally, I am wondering where to keep them just in case I do buy them. Maybe it should be put in the bank safe or something, right? Because it is hard to keep such precious metals at home and risk losing it. Tsk tsk.

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