2nd Birthday at Jollibee

2nd Birthday at Jollibee

Dindin celebrated her second birthday today at Jollibee Bacolod Lacson. Thank God for this gift, as several days before her first birthday last year we learned that we won in the EQ Raffle for a birthday party surprise.

Because of that we were able to invite our many friends and their kids and then we just had to add something to the amount that we won in the raffle. We occupied two function rooms! I just wish I had some exit signs produced so that we could have used only one door for the entrance and another for the exit.

Instead of using the loot bags that come with the Jollibee Birthday Package, we opted to have our own. The cost of their giveaways were just then deducted from the party fee. Aside from the birthday party gift certificates, we also won P500 worth of cake. So we also used the cake offered by Jollibee. And by the way, our theme is Butterfly Princess!

Dindin was just so happy during her birthday party. Actually, she was so excited that she did not sleep the whole day and did not even eat much. But when nighttime came she was full of energy. She danced, pranced, and jumped around. She greeted guests and thanked them for the gifts that they brought. She enthusiastically went around and took part in every aspect of her program. The only time she seemed tired and sleepy was when it was time to have dinner. Everybody sat down and there was not much to do so she got bored. Of course, for her, eating is not an activity. haha

Dindin was just so happy that she was awake until 11:30pm, just dancing and jumping on the bed. My heart swells that my daughter is very happy on her birthday. Tomorrow, we shall open gifts.

Here is a video of her dancing at the party:

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